The final war for Spider-Island! What will it mean for Spider-Man, Manhattan, and the Marvel Universe?

Three words: Change is coming.

Big action! Big consequences! Big Time! All in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba & Karl Kesel
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Interested to see how this is gonna end and how Mary Jane is going to be involved now she has powers. Excited for Wednesday.

  2. No idea how this is going to end but a lot needs to happen in this issue!

  3. This event has been way better then Fear Itself hands down

    • I agree. It’s too bad it had to happen simultaneously with Fear Itself. Not only does it not make sense to have two giant crisis events using all the main superheros take place at the same time. But this was a lot better, and totally overshadowed by the much bigger, much more awful event book.

    • True on everything you said…. I dont know what they were thinking. Personally though im glad ive been able to seek out and continue with the titles i actually still do enjoy at Marvel because otherwise it would be nothing but shenanigans

    • Wholeheartedly agree. Fear Itself was all over the place, and the tie-ins weren’t all that good. Honestly, I thought that Home Front was done better than the main book. And the Venom issues were a great side-story tie in to the main book, and I really enjoyed the other tie-ins.

      Also, at times it appeared this was post Fear Itself, but then we see that it’s pre-FI. Which sucks for NYC. Nearly destroyed by the Spider-Queen, only to be rebuilt and then once again ravaged by Nazis/Gods. Dang.

  4. Thought Ramos’ art was starting to look a little bit strained to me last issue. He walks a fine line between wild, fun stylized art and an out on control mess. Pumping out so much art on this tight of schedule has pushed him more to the mess side, imo. Nervous where we’ll be with one more issue out only a couple of weeks later.

  5. That cover rocks

  6. I’m hype to see if Kaine is going to help Spider-man in the final fight. Change can be scary, but I’m looking forward to how it ends.

  7. Maybe Kaine is the new Scarlet Spider?

  8. I’ve heard so much good stuff about Spider Island, but I just can not get past the Humberto Ramos art.

    • its getting pretty rough, honestly. I CANNOT understand why people go on about it. Caselli is much, MUCH better.

    • Two different approaches. Personally, I prefer Ramos. I noticed a difference in the “wildness” of his line in this series depending on the inker.

    • Totally agree, I love Spider-Man but fawk is it fugly to read with Humberto Ramos’s art, I just can’t stand his style… Hopefully this event stops soon and we’ll have regular ASM.

  9. I hope this ends on a high note, this event was a bit up and down but the last two issues were really good, can’t wait to see how this finishes up.

  10. I hope that Mary Jane retains her powers, and Jessica Drew is killed off. Mary Jane becomes Spider Woman. Then we can stop having Spider Woman in every Avengers title just because Bendis has a fanboy crush on her.

  11. Now that’s how an event should end. Man was that a lot of fun. You hear that Fraction……

  12. Great story. I laugh out loud when Kaine tried to be funny as Spider-Man.

  13. Why couldn’t Fear Itself and Flashpoint have been this good? Love it.

  14. I think i laughed out loud 3 or 4 times reading this. Great ending to an event that was done THE CORRECT WAY.

    – Hoping Kaine is going to be the new scarlet spider. My only question is if he was cured by anti-venom, wouldn’t he just be a completely regular dude now, no powers what-so-ever?

    • i’m guessing that the anti-venom was just enough to cure him of his spidery mutation, but maybe a prolonged swim would have completely wiped him clean.

  15. Loved this issue as well as the entire event, for that matter! Hope Pete and MJ get back together. Also, I hope Kaine will become the new Scarlet Spider. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next with Spidey, but whatever it is, I hope it deals the same kind of awesomeness like this event and doesn’t do a complete 180.

  16. First time since Grim Hunt that I enjoyed an ASM story. I’m actually kind of excited to see where this book goes from here.

  17. After reading the last issue I bet Kaine will be the next Scarlet Spider. I’m unhappy about Eddie Brock no longer able to be Anti-Venom because I haven’t read much about him.

  18. My POTW was between this and Daredevil, but this just edged it out.

    The ‘I can save EVERYBODY’ two-page spread was just absolutely perfect Spider-Man. Loved it. Incredibly satisfying conclusion. Also loved how two seperate people called Madame Web out on her prophecies. Stuff like that is great.

  19. Very good issue.

  20. This might be Slotts Crown Jewel. Best issue of Spidey i’ve read in a long long long time.
    Had everything I want in a comic. Action, Humor, Great art, Great story… Everything.

    also when Pete says I have an app for that, and the whole walloping web snappers made me laugh so hard.

    I hope Dan Slott gets to write Marvel’s big event of next year!
    5 stars and POTW

  21. This issue was fantastic, loved everything about it. Overall, this really helped to make Spider-Island a really good event. Easily my POTW 5/5.

  22. Excellent book and event!! Can’t wait to see what’s next

  23. The only, and I do mean only, thing that bother me about this book was MJ reminding us about Mephisto. Other than that sore spot, this was a fantastic event.

  24. This storyline was a real rollercoaster, and I cannot complain about it not being tons of fun, but the ending fizzled out a bit. Sure, there was huge action and a nasty Big Bad boss battle, but I didn’t gasp at any big revelations or marvel at any huge, life-altering changes. It was just, you know, a smashy, clashy, battle royale conclusion. Which is fine! But a bit of a letdown given the build-up. My most appreciated takeaway from this issue was the warm cuddlies between Peter and Mary Jane.

  25. While I have been luke warm on the whole Spider-Island event, I loved this finale issue. Holy cow, do I miss MJ. She and Peter have real chemistry. Let’s get those kids back together. They don’t have to remarry, just date again.

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