Start Webbing The News! New York City’s Infestation is complete and eight million people are plagued! As someone near to Peter Parker’s life reveals their spider-abilities, the brilliantly fearsome Jackal rises from the past and begins organizing an army of Spider-powered soldiers. Spider-Man isn’t the only hero affected as the threat goon grows bigger than any one Fantastically Friendly Neighborhood Avenger can handle.

Best-selling Spidey creators Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos spin a Spider-epic that turns Peter Parker’s BIG TIME into a BIG MESS. Bad romance, death-defying violence and one man facing his FINAL fearsome destiny… this one’s got it all! Simply put, pal….YOU NEED THIS!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos
Cover by Humberto Ramos & Gabrielle Dell'otto

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Ah, RAMOS! I think this is going to be a LOT of fun…

  2. This will be my first direct-from-the-publisher subscription issue of this title.

  3. Still love Spidey no matter what. This has been getting more intresting with each issue.

    Just sayin’,


  4. I’m all excited for some Ramos artwork, which is the only reason I’m buying Spider-Island.

  5. I haven’t started reading yet but I am excited about this series, not sure because of Hype or not but the art looks good.  I am just playing catchup with FF, Avengers, Schism..

  6. Im actually really looking forward to this i really hope it doesnt dissapoint

  7. @player1  Let us know how tyhat works out, i’ve always wanted to give that a try

  8. Woot! 

    Imagine the folks who will pick this up thinking they are getting a biracial spider-man and they see peter parker is alive and well!

    Go Dan Go!! I’m super excited.  Everything’s been set up and i’m ready for the ride.

  9. Last issue was the first ASM I’ve read in a long time and I loved it! Can’t wait for this!

  10. I just read #666 last night before going to bed and I just can’t wait for this issue! The premise is strong!

  11. I tried jumping onto ASM back with big time for a few issues and just did not like it at all maybe it’s because Im just a huge fan of Ultimate Spidey and he just seemed out of character without bendis writing him but i’ll give this a shot maybe see if Slott can win me over with this.

  12. i’m looking forward to Ramos’ art as well. Lots of people seem to prejudging this to be a crap mini event…i’m optimisitic that it can be really cool. 

  13. Psyched. Last issue was my favorite since the first big time arc. Loved it. I’m a Ramos fan, but when is Casseli coming back? I thought he was stellar in the last issue…

  14. I thought killing ultimate Spidey and bringing him back black would have been the spider-man event of “this” decade.

  15. This is the problem with the Marvel-Hype machine. I read this issue and was a bored. There was no new information. I figured it would be a quick set, then go. I guess that will be next issue…

  16. I haven’t been into ASM for a while, but last night I re-read Slott’s issue #600, also known as the Greatest Issue of Spider-Man Ever Written. Whet my whistle for some ol’ fashioned Friendly Neigborhood fun. Maybe I’ll jump back in for this one…

  17. Faaaaaantastic! This is one of the only comics that makes me have to put the book down and have a laugh. “Spidery Transmitted Disease” got me good lol

  18. @RoiVampire: I just ordered the 36-issue pack of ASM, and I’m waiting for the first issue to arrive, but I’ve been getting several other titles from Marvel for a few months now. I had heard some people had some bad experiences with Marvel subscriptions, but I can say that the overall experience has been pretty good, and the price (47% off) is great.

    When I first started my subscriptions, getting duplications was a bit of a problem, because it’s sometimes hard to tell which issue Marvel is going to send you as the first issue, regardless of what their website lists as the “current” issue, and it sometimes doesn’t come for 4 – 6 weeks.

    Once you get that first issue, though, the service is pretty good, with issues arriving about a week after they appear on the stands. For some reason I always thought subscribers got their copy before they appeared on the stands, but that’s not the case.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend the service. Each issue comes separately, “bagged” & “boarded”, and not all titles are available, but for almost half-off the cover price, it’s worth it to me. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out with ASM, since that ships like 3 times a month.

    It’s probably best to start out with one or two titles you’re not already buying, or aren’t worried about having arrive well after the street date. Also, you need to e-mail Marvel every time they mess up, and document any problems you are having with them. Customer service is pretty responsive as long as they are kept informed. The people who seemed to have the most problems were those who didn’t stay right on top of their account, and right on top of Marvel to make things right. Good luck. Cheers. 

  19. Lol @OnASunday! I thought that was awesome too

  20. Fun times!

  21. This should have been the event of the summer for MArvel. Tons of run and potential

  22. Meh. I give up, this is the second time ive tried to jump on the Dan slott spiderman run and I don’t like it. I guess I’m just used to Bendis writing ultimate spiderman that this style of spiderman just seems weird to me.

  23. Great issue and very fun so far, a few laughs here and there mixed with good art and a well paced out story leading into the event so far

  24. I’ve been in love with Slott’s recent issues, which is why this first issue sort of fell flat. I’m sure it will ramp up, but this issue didn’t seem to raise the stakes.

  25. Good. Fun. Comics.

    ‘Nuff said.

  26. pretty fun issue. Really enjoying Ramos’ art. 

  27. I havnt read a full spider man story since brand new day started and this was not to bad at all, think i’ll be sticking with this. One question though, what happened to his spider sense? That was always one of my favorite of his powers.

  28. @Natebot  He lost it defeating Smythe and his army of Spider Slayers back in #654. In one of those patented self-sacrificing Spidey moves.

  29. “Our tagline should be ‘It ain’t Shakespeare! Shut up and have fun!'” – Dan Slott, talking about Spider-Island.

    I guess we should all count ourselves lucky that Alan Moore doesn’t think like this. Or Shakespeare, for that matter.

  30. But if every comic book was an Alan Moore comic and every play was a Shakespeare play then the world would suck. Slott wanted to wrtie a fun blockbustery comic and did. That’s allowed.

  31. This was amazing! picked this up because Slott made it sound really cool when he talked about on Word Balloon. Great premise, and this was my first issue, and it was really easy to jump into. I love Carlie, and Ramos did a great job with all the action scenes in here. Defintley my POTW.

  32. Terr. i. ble. The whole “everyone gets Spidey Powers” concept is kind of dumb, and this first issue doesn’t help make it less so. If I believed in my heart that this was Slott’s commentary on how overplayed Spidey is becoming, I might like it more, but I just don’t.

  33. I realized I missed this issue, the first ASM comic i’ve missed in nearly 200 issues. I found that I didn’t care.

  34. Found it all too tedious and the art was too messy. Was looking forward to this event – thankfully not planning on getting the other tie-ins. Will stick with ASM but … meh!

  35. The segments with Carlie made me cringe. Found it curious Peter didn’t seem interested in how Carlie got spider powers. Instead Slott played the scene for some awful inappropriate comedy.

    Also, the Jackal speaks like a professor. He doesn’t make snarky remarks or say “heh”. Slott is drifting into Bendis territory where all the characters sound the same – snarky, cringe inducing comedy.

  36. I didn’t like how Peter is more concerned with finding Carlie, who in my opinion can take care of herself, than finding out what in the world is going on.

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