“The Ghost of Jean DeWolff”

ANTI-VENOM returns to help SPIDER-MAN wage war against MISTER NEGATIVE and his criminal empire… whether Spidey wants him to or not. And when an all-new WRAITH enters the fray, will she prove to be a friend or foe?

Plus: From the pages of SECRET AVENGERS, a special guest appearance by SHANG-CHI, The Master of Kung Fu!

PLUS: “Infested” continues in…the lead-in to SPIDER-ISLAND!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Cover by Frank Cho

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. No cheesecake on that cover!?!?

  2. Seems like another regular sized issue with two backups. Ugh.

    Close to getting dropped, but I do remember how good the book was pre-FF and Avengers Academy so we’ll see. 

  3. I hate the back ups but im glad there’s no FF and Avenger Academy in this-I skiped all those issues but will jump back in with this because im looking forward to Spider Island

  4. I have actually been enjoying these back ups but I hope it doesn’t cut too far into this story. I am looking forward to this one a lot.

  5. Enjoy the back-ups while they last. I think from Augest this is a 3.99, 22 page book.

    This looks more like what I want from Spider-man. A symbiote knock-off, a ganglord, and Spider-man trapped in the middle. A new vigilante. Come on Dan Slott, get back on your game!

    Also I’ve never seen Camuncoli before, but I googed him and his art is cool.

  6. Mr Negative = guaranteed awesome issue.

  7. i’ve been enjoying it. The backups have bit hit and miss for me, but i’ve never felt that i didn’t get my moneys worth with the main story. 

  8. Alright Marvel, you win.  You have officially broken my will.  I’ve been on the fence and debating whether or not I want to keep buying the book I’ve been buying for the last 17 years, but since you’re so intent on me spending 20 dollars a month just on one shitty book then you’ve made my decision for me.

    So long Spidey, we had a good run. 

  9. God dammit, Marvel! I finally decide to drop your stupid book, and you go and put Camoncoli on it. This is your last chance. I’m serious this time!
  10. Anyone buying this for Shang-Chi don’t bother. He’s not in it.

    Otherwise this was probably the best Spider-man story in months. FF/Avengers only one panel. Screen time with Carly, Aunt May & JJJ Sr, couple of cool villians and some jokes from Spider-man that were actually funny.

    More of this!

  11. i’m deep into both the new FF as well as Academy and I found the last 2 issues to be fun, but I can see the frustration from some of you. I’m sure it will come back to normal form 🙂

  12. @Zeppo: Totally agree, I had a lot of fun with this. Really loved Anti-Venom being here. Also, Shang-Chi was no where in this, it was Cloak and Dagger instead.

  13. Welcome back Spidey!

  14. This was a really fun spidey story…glad to see he’s getting back into his own book. That art was wonderful..reminiscent of Quietly. The backups were fun. I really feel that this was a jam packed issue. 

    I’d give it a 4.5 overall 

  15. Great issue this – I like the way Slott was able to include so many different characters, but wasn’t overloading every page. The characters were there for a reason, to move the story along.

  16. heck y’all; this is still a fun book! I’m looking forward to spider-island, but I’ll take a sweet piece of candy like this any day. Spidey, i sure hope you get your sense back, cuz you missed it with Mr. Li. Anti Venom, glad to have you back. The look of horror on May’s face was almost worth the price of admission.

  17. Good stuff. Every issue is a crazy funhouse joyride. Slott is on a roll and I’m loving it.

  18. Main story was good again and Slott is writing it alone again… hmmm… connection? Back-ups were pretty lousy, continuing the overall drop in per page quality in spidey. Same number of pages per month for a dollar less! However, only 2/3 of that are good pages. At least when they drop down to 22 we won’t see a drop in quality.

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