With dark and desperate emotional weapons at his disposal, Psycho-Man has twisted the kids of Avengers Academy into bloodthirsty villains! Now Spider-Man must do battle with the Academy students in a super-powered showdown that tests Spidey’s abilites and the promises he made in the wake of Marla Jameson’s death! All of it leading to the surprise return of a classic Spider-Man character next month! (Here’s your hint, arachnophiles: THE GOJDW).

Plus an Infested prelude by Dan Slott and Emma Rios.

Story by Christos Gage
Art by Reilly Brown & Victor Olazaba
Colors by John Brown
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Ed McGuinness & Morry Hollowell

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. So much excellent Spidey thanks to this publishing schedule! Keep it up Marvel!

  2. Cripes is this a weekly now?  If only GOOD comics came out this fast…

  3. @ Malecema – lol

    I actually think the Cage issue was quiet good (aside from the FF pages). On another message board I got the chance to ask Mr. Wacker a question about the constant team-ups. He said he and Slott aim to make Spider-man a one stop shop for all the Marvel universe. I feel that’s a good approch for an Avengers book, but not Spider-man. The next arc looks like Spider-man vs Mr Negative. I can’t wait. A Spider-man vs the crime boss issue, no more FF/Avengers nonsense.

  4. Still Gage? I’m still in.

  5. Who knew the next Marvel and DC cross-over would be so soon?  I cannot wait for what will no doubt be and epic battle between Spider-man and the Monitor!  Awh yeah!

  6. I didn’t love the last issue, thought it did get better towards the end. The kids annoyed me. I’ll still pull it.

  7. I’m only buying this because of the Avengers Academy kids. Love that book.

  8. i’m having fun with this even though some think the title has no direction. 

  9. @Diabhol  Ditto

  10. Is this friggin weekly now or what?? They’re really pushin to get that spider island issue 666 out. I didn’t care for the last issue…it wasn’t terrible but I kinda hate how all the other super heroes have been lookin at spidey like he’s a low end hero, he’s almost as shunned as deadpool is now. He’s SPIDER-MAN damnit! they have really ruined his rep over the past few years and he’s lost some respect amongst the rest of the marvel universe, we need spidey to do something drastic to put him back at the top.

  11. I’m not understanding the complaints over Amazing Spider-Man at all. It’s one my top Marvel picks right now. But to each their own…

  12. @Impossibilly  i just haven’t liked the writing when the FF was in. it was way throwbacky and people were just shouting what they were doing and saying awkward things. i don’t mind all the gues stars but the writing for those issues was just off for me. loved last issue though and everything before the FF arc

  13. I’m sick of seeing the FF in this book. Can we please get back to a good ASM book? Enough with the team ups.

  14. @impossibilly

    Like you say to each their own, though if you do want to know why I have problems with the series, I can list a few.

    1) The non-stop crossovers. In the old days of numerous Spidey books, one being a team-up book wasn’t so bad, but this is the ONLY Spider-man book, and I want to see more of Peters supporting cast, and Spider-man villians.
    2) Slott sets up interesting things, then leaves them and never looks back. Anti-Venom, Hoizon Labs, Jonah’s grief over Marla…all of which I was interested in.
    3)I really don’t like how Peter is protrayed. He was disrespectful to Jonny’s memory, he behaves younger than Ultimate Peter Parker, and like other’s have said he seems to get all the respect of Deadpool.

    Sorry for the rant, and I think I could probably think of more if I thought about it. I wish Marvel would put on of their “architectis” on this book and make it relevant. Aaron writes a great Spider-man, and I here Brubaker is interested.

  15. @Zeppo, I couldn’t agree more.  Spiderman used to be one of marvel’s premier characters and he isn’t anymore.  

  16. @Impossibilly  –i do agree with you. i’ve been really enjoying it. I do see a clear distinction. Newer readers tend to love it, old tyme readers hate it cause its different. 

    @Zeppo — i will give you the set up thing. I was really LOVING the first Big Time arc and all those things in there like the hobgoblins and horizon, and then it just went away when Marla got killed. 

    he does seem a lot younger and bafoon-ier than i’ve previously seen. That first FF tie in a few back that everyone had problems with, yeah i thought it was more Deadpool than Spidey. 

  17. how do u go from the grim hunt to this?

  18. I really liked Big Time, but this has become the worst book I buy. And yes, I buy Deadpool.

    Hoping it turns around with Spider Island.

  19. @Funcrusher  DEADPOOL’s a fun read. spider-man is supposed to be marvels FLAGSHIP. . . a sinking flagship if spider island flops.

  20. @EddyDisaster  – I agree, I enjoy DP because it’s fun, rediculous and it knows what it is. This book has no identity right now. The FCBD issue gave me enough hope to hold on…

  21. im just glad that the dumb FF teamup is now over with, if i wanted to see spidey in the FF id just buy the book, dont put it in ASM

  22. Guys, whoa… It’s been, like, 4 issues that weren’t as good as the amazing previous 5 issues. It happens sometimes. Don’t get angry, just hop off if you’re not enjoying it right now and hop back on when it looksl ike it’s going to be something more ‘you’.

    I wasn’t going to pick up this Academy story, but I figured I’d give it a shot because I’ve liked Gage before and I quite liked the first part. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t pick up the second part. Easy…

    I’m looking forward to Spider-Island a lot, though.

  23. Unfortunatly, where Ron will always by Uncanny, I will always by Amazing though, I’m a little worried I’m being grouped with the “old tyme” readers, I’m only 26.

  24. i liked it. Pretty fun  conclusion. I’m really enjoying this title overall right now. 

  25. This was a fun issue. If a little cheesy.

  26. This was a terrible, shoe-horned crossover that was too obvious and heavy handed to enjoy.  I agree with the ‘Spider Island better be good’ comments.  This title has come to a grinding halt after being so good for so long.

  27. I’ve actually been liking Spidey lately, but was it just me or were the back-ups awful?  I’m probably just weird but I can’t stand it when you read a great issue and then have to wade through mediocre back-ups that have nothing to do with the book you just read.  

  28. am i mistaken or last week with the avengers academy was spidey in the FF garb and starte fighting with them and now he’s in spider-man costume?

    oh wait. unstable molecues

  29. @Heylook I believe he was teaching and patroling in his regular suit. He was in the FF suit at the beginning of the issue though.

  30. I’m going to be paring down my pull list soon, and ASM will be one of the few titles remaining. I’m really really pleased with everything Dan Slott has been doing, and I’m excited to keep following him on Spidey’s wild trip. I’m really enjoying how Slott stretches Spidey to various extremes, but acknowleges the insanity of it all. It’s great comic book fun with a knowing wink and I’m a sucker for it. If Slott can flesh out the Carlie/relationship angle a little better, it’d be about perfect.

  31. I’ve been loving ASM for years and even really liked the issues with FF, helps I’m loving Hickman’s FF so much, but these two issues featuring Avengers Academy were some of the worst issues of ASM I’ve ever read. I actually really enjoyed the backups, but the main story with Psycho Man was way too silly, like Marvel Adventures for wee readers silly.

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