The HOBGOBLIN’S fight for power continues! Which side will SPIDER-MAN and the BLACK CAT be on… and why?

Also: a surprise for AUNT MAY, and the SPIDEY versus KINGPIN rematch you’ve been dying to see!

Included in this issue: an 8 page story featuring the return of Mac Gargan… as THE SCORPION!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos, Carlos Cuevas, Joseph M. Damon
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by VC - Joe Caramagna
Cover by Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, Mark Brooks

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Finally!!

  2. @cubman987  Agreed!

  3. been looking forward to this…

  4. holy buck-toothed black cat, batman!

  5. I am loving Big Time.  Dan Slott is killing this story and Ramos is one of my favorite Spidey artists!

  6. My only complaint is that this is now bi-monthly instead of 3 issues a month.

  7. @supertrackmonkey  Same here, but my wallet isn’t complaining so it all evens out. This remains my favorite book and probably always will be. I cannot fathom a world where I’m not reading Amazing Spider-Man

  8. So now I get to be the a-hole and say I’m not enjoying the direction, art, or extra-delayed release schedule?
    I’m glad everyone else is liking it, though.

  9. @BrianBaer:  You a-hole!!!!

    Just kidding, but I do disagree with you….well except for the delayed part, that does kind of suck.

  10. @supertrackmonkey: You’re basically getting the same amount of content each month.  Instead of 22pgs 3x a month, it’s now 30pgs 2X a month.  I know it’s slightly less, but not that different.

    Personally, I like the this format better.  When I read each issue now, I feel I “get into” the story more.  I think the pace of the story benefits, as well. 

  11. This is the most exciting Spider-man has been since the beginning of JMS’s run before you went off the rails after #500. 

  12. i mean “he” not “you”

  13. I kinda wanna see Spidey vs. Kingpin rematch, but I can’t stand looking at Ramos’ art.

  14. this should be enjoyable

  15. The new format is perfect.  Loving this crazy new storyline.

  16. I am still loving this book, but Ramos’ art isn’t my favorite

  17. i’d rather have a slower release schedule with better quality overall than rushed crap. Plus Bi-monthly will make it  more affordable which i appreciate.  I don’t know how they were able to do 3 issues a month. seems insane. 

  18. Loving Big Time and Ramos art is surpsingly good (he hasn’t been my cup of tea for a while).

  19. I’m happy as long as Paul Azacaca?Azteca? isn’t penciling.

  20. Hating Big Time so far but my pull list is so damn small lately!!  There is a small chance I might just pick it up.  They really could have kept BND going a little longer until they thought of something different, right?

  21. @BrianBaer I agree with you, not enjoying this, really. I like the ideas but Slotts jokes-a-minute ham fisted writing style can get grating. As for Ramos, his style is not for me, especially not on this book. Its so muddy. I think he needs a tighter inker on this book. I’d prefer someone like Martin or even the aforementioned Azazeta ( I think that’s it ). But 1 can’t seem to meet the schedule & the other is not rather popular – it seems – among my fellow web-heads.

  22. I wasn’t much of a fan of Ramos’ art when he was a big name on his book Crimson, but I loved the last couple issues.  Guess he’s grown on me in the last…10 years? Geez.

  23. Big Time has been incredible so far. I’m already grinning just thinking about getting my hands on this issue!!

  24. I think its been pretty awesome as well, and i absolutely love the art. I don’t know what so many have problems with… each their own i guess. 

  25. They pulled me back in after 10 years away. BIG TIME.

  26. Big Time is the best Spider-man has been in years.  YEARS, people!  I love the format, direction, writing and art.  Though, I have a bad feeling about this issue: three artists on a single issue does not bode well.

    Hey, there has not been much discussion about the new suit.  Count me in the “pro” new suit column.  I like the idea of a stealth suit that bends light around it.  How about everybody else? 

  27. Big Time has just been incredible comics. It’s EXACTLY how I want Spider-Man to be.

    The new suits thing is a neat little sidebar to push the Pete-is-really-really-super-smart thing which I absolutely love. I’ve heard people arguing that it’s just going to end up being a gimmick to sell new toys, but who cares? Does not affect my enjoyment of some classic Web-Slinging action if Marvel happen to make a bit of money off it.

  28. Uhh all comics are a gimmick to sell new toys, have you SEEN DC Direct?? 😛 

  29. @ctrosejr  I like the Tron look, esp now that I liked the new movie.  Like the idea of Peter using his skills as a scientist to come up with new spider-gadgets to counter his enemies, and he’s got the perfect setting to do so now that he’s got a steady job, another concept I’m digging in this storyline.

  30. What was the last thing he came up with? Like the Spider-Tracer? Spider-Mask belt light? You never see them anymore!

  31. My store didn’t get this due to a shipping error! Any one else?

  32. @Zeppo Nope, my LCS had them….I’d have been pretty mad if they didn’t, it was the only book I was getting this week.

  33. @ResurrectionFlan Well there was the insulated suit he used to fight Electro in the late 90s. it was during the time when X-Man was gues starring in the book for like 4 issues.

  34. @cubman…I was the same. I left with a copy of Batman Inc#1 instead just so I had something to read on my lunch hour.

  35. This was a great end to the first arc and i’m super excited about the ending of this issue

  36. This was a flipping fantastic end to the first arc.  Can’t wait for some CASELLI art next arc.

  37. Have there been any promo pictures of Caselli’s art yet?  I’d like to get a preview of his style before the book arrives.  You know, something to get excited about.

  38. My bad.  I didn’t realize Caselli did last issue’s back-up with the Spider Slayer.  Now I am excited.

  39. @Zeppo Ouch that sucks!!  At least Batman, Inc. is a good read…..

    Really liked this issue a lot, so far Big Time has been great….only thing I’m not to keen on is Peter not having his costume at his place…..seems like he should have an emergency one there so he doesn’t have to go to the lab if something comes up….especially since he could get a call from one of the two Avengers groups he is in at any time…..

  40. P.S. BURN all the people complaining about the suit being red on last month’s cover.

  41. I liked this arc a lot but Slott’s jokes are going to grind on me.  The man is just flat out un-funny

  42. This issue didn’t work for me. It harkens back to my main complaint about Big Time is that the job, the new suits all feel too convenient. This lead the fight in this issue to feel overlong and unnecessary. The back up was more interesting this time, but the new Scorpion design looks incredibly clunky and ridiculous. CLAWS! 3/5

  43. yeah the claws definately don’t work

  44. I love Big Time. Slott is allowing Spiderman to grow up, without changing the heart of the character, and also telling a fun story.  The Scorpion back-up was great too. Slott made Scoprion feel more menacing than ever before. 

  45. loved it! art is great, writing is solid (the jokes are funny enough), action is good. This is a great time overall

  46. The tone of the story l liked, all lite and fluffy. The kingpin shaking his fist at spidey yelling out a “I’ll get you Spider-Man” to finish up the story would not have been out of place.
    The Ramos art along with the dialogue and choice of villains (Hobgoblin and Kingpin) I didn’t like. I tend to like Ramos stuff normally, but on this particular story it made me cringe at times. More inportantly, why does Hobgoblin talk like that?

  47. Lots going on in this story, really liked it.  Fun.

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