To face off against an amped-up Hobgolin, you need an amped-up Spider-Man!

What’s the story behind Spidey’s new suit? What is it and what can it do? Meanwhile, Mach 5 (from The Thunderbolts) faces off against one of Spidey’s deadliest foes! All this, and a secret side mission for he Black Cat.

Plus an additional 8 page story: We showed you who was behind the Hobgolin’s mask last issue. But what were they up to before their startling return? Here’s where you find out!

written by Dan Slott
Art and cover by Humberto Ramos

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  1. W00t!  New suit!  I’ll admit it — I’m super-psched!

  2. Wait, he’s really wearing that? It’s not just a Tron tie-in cover?

  3. lol – Brianbaer

    It’s one of several new suits planned, apparenntly

  4. Every issue I think “I’m cutting this, I don’t need to read this in issues, if at all.”

    And every week, so far, Slott has talked me out of it. 

  5. I have liked the first two issues, but I thought both dragged a bit at parts. I am not sure Slott has gotten down the pacing of a biweekly 30 page book yet. New costumes are fun. They never last and that is the way it should be. Let the artists have a bit of fun for a while.

  6. Last issue was masterful.

  7. Yeah, I gotta say that I like the bi-monthly 30 page format.  30 pages makes each issue feel substantial.  

  8. I haven’t read this title since JMS/JRJR but the last two issues have been pretty enjoyable.

  9. This isn’t too bad so far–it’s slowly but surely sounding more like the Spider-Man I’ve been wanting to read outside of the incompetent loser that’s been the star of this book for the past three years. 

    The preview that I saw on CBR also actually made me laugh–“Did…did I just get saved by Lady Gaga?” 😀 

  10. The first two issues of BIG TIME!!!!! were actually quite awesome. I’m all in—and i love the bi-monthy 30 pg format.

  11. big time!

  12. I am really enjoying Peter’s new “big time” science job and I hope they really explore that aspect…but somehow I know something will happen and Peter will screw it all up as soon as he can.  Just makes me nervous every time he walks in the building.

  13. @Texas

    Yup. As soon as he got the job, I was thinking how can he screw this up?
    What I hope, is that he doesn’t. He keeps the job for a very long time. Shit, maybe it’ll be his career. But to mix things up the characters at his job and at competitors will bring conflict. 

  14. Trade waiting for this story arc is gonna be so painful! Can’t wait!!!

  15. MAYHEM! Oh wait… BIG TIME!

  16. I hope he keeps this new suit and his new job for a while. It would be awesome if Peter had a different suit for every villain he faced. 

  17. @supertrackmonkey  That’s what I’m thinking. I think the new job will give him the resources to make new suits that have special abilities, like the insulated suit he used for elctro a few times. He’ll find a practical application for the suits tech and that will be his contribution to the think tank

  18. One of Peter’s experiments will accidentally explode on him and he’ll end up with embedded/organic web-shooters again.

  19. Really enjoyed the first two issues of BIG TIME so I can’t wait to read this issue.

  20. The embedded shooters… Is it a Marvel Mandate (Tm) that no Spidey author explain what happened to the organic webshooters and Other stuff? At this point since we have had multiple “explanations” for what happened in BND and multiple failures to make any good story in the process, I am ready to just let it be wordlessly retconned out of existence. Better than another Quesada-approved continuity boondoggle. But part of me is still annoyed.

  21. I can’t make the font sufficiently big enough for the time i have while reading this

  22. @JimBilly4 Shhh…don’t talk about it and it will go away.

  23. Closing eyes…meditating… Nope! Still messed up. I hate it when shit gets changed but no mention of why or how. I prefer my Spidey with one or two costumes and his original shooters. I’ve been reading him since the early 1970’s.

  24. I didn’t like the back-up very much though Neil Edwards keeps improving his art.

  25. Haven’t followed Spiderman much at all, though this costume has me laughing a little.  Honestly just looking at the cover I keep thinking Spiderman’s sponsoring some new energy drink.

  26. Black-Cat was pretty Cheesecakey, but I’m not complaining.

  27. I kinda hate the new Hobgoblin. I guess I’m supposed to though? And he doesn’t really gel with the Phil Urich I know. I read that Goblin series he was in, and Vaughan’s take on him in Runaways was more in line with that too.

  28. @ActualButt  Apparently there was a book called the Loners where phil kinda went nuts. I was with you but someone pointed out to me that this wasn’t out of nowhere, it just happened in a series i didn’t read

  29. @RoiVampire  Ah. I knew he was in that, but I never picked it up. They did have cool covers though.

  30. @ActualButt  They really did.

  31. my LCS sold out. WTF mate? Major bummer. I too hate the new Hobgoblin.

  32. Was it just me or did the back-up story just suck the quality of the entire issue down? Though there were some contrived scenes in the main issue that just screwed with the momentum of the book. (Also… Red Electric on the Cover, but Green in the issue? I’m guessing red will mean he’s visible but come on Marvel! Keep things straight!)

  33. I read the Losers, it was good fun, and Phil did go nuts. Though I don’t think this is a follow up from that. Phil was a newspaper exec in that book, here he’s a manual labourer.

  34. i don’t follow Spiderman much, but i’m really enjoying this new direction. Totally fun run of comics so far. I’m all in…. The Lady Gaga moment was amusing. 

    @TexasZombie99 –i agree with you completely although i’d be willing to bet that the Black Box they keep bringing attention to isn’t as secure as they say…

  35. @Wallythegreenmonster

    I’m sure the black box can easily be entered by Max. He said the lab was secure but he got in when he needed to. I’m sure the same is true of Peter’s secure cupboard. I can’t help but think that one day Peter might be fighting against an army dressed in all his latest inventions.

  36. @Zeppo –yeah they are calling out some interesting things like Max being all “we don’t make weapons here” yeah dude, thats why something will happen and get control of you or the place that will change that. Max could open that black box easily if he wanted to…..parkers hand print or soemthing

    Frankly i think Parker is kinda dumb….first day on a new job and you’re stashing your secret identity in a glorified hotel safe. I mean feel the place out for more than a day before you go all in like that…

    As far as the Hobgoblin..i like him for what he is. I don’t have anything to compare him to, so at this point its fun for me.

  37. @ everyone going on about Peter’s Spidey stuff being at his work

    If you think back to the Dan Slott written issues with the Fantastic Four, Peter explains that the only way his identity can be found out is for him to be unmasked or for him to unmask himself.  If someone were to find his costumes or what not there, they would come to some other conclusion, like Peter is helping Spider-man out or something.  Here’s the scene:

    The problem is that Slott has had Peter worry twice now about his identity being figured out, with Carlie maybe seeing part of his costume or his boss figuring it out, so if they are actually going to make it so he can be found out, I hope they explain why and how.

  38. The writing in this issue screamed of someone trying way too hard to make themselves appear to be “hip” and “with it” by dropping in pop-culture references and buzzwords that no one actually uses i.e. so-and-so “has an mpeg of the new goblin”.  

    Even with that and the new Tron costume (hooray for marketing) this book was a solid 4/5 because of Ramos’ art, that dude can draw. 

  39. @Malecema  – completely agree on the dialogue.  Cringe worthy and completely unrealistic.  Most characters are written like wise cracking comic book writers.  I like the story.  Hopefully, the copy gets toned down.

  40. @Malecema There’s an extremely hokey MySpace joke that’s dated by this year’s standards! (“MySpace is dead” someone says. A Topical joke… from 2007!)

  41. I didn’t like this quite as much as the first 2, Rucka really goes overboard with the jokes and his funny:unfunny ratio wasn’t very impressive on this one.

  42. @PraxJarvin – Ha!  I forgot about the Myspace joke.

  43. Yeah, Rucka sucks. 

  44. Why did they ever let him write Scarlet Spider?

  45. Slott I mean…

  46. All in good fun. 🙂

  47. This gives me a headache..

  48. @PraxJarvin –well to be fair myspace is trying to be relevant again…they just spent an S-ton of money on a rebrand and a huge relaunch…that no one cares about or noticed. 

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