Big changes are happening for the Amazing Spider-Man: Bigger threats, bigger guest-stars, and a big opportunity that could turn Peter Parker’s life around! Which cast members are staying and who’s saying goodbye? Find out as we’re introduced to new characters and reintroduced to a number of Spidey villains as they make the triumphant return to the book! Plus: New developments for Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, the staff at Front Line, and The Sinister Six! The next chapter in Spider-Man history starts here! Guest starring THE AVENGERS and THE FANTASTIC FOUR in a giant-sized, 39 page lead feature!

PLUS! An All-New Adventure featuring the All-New SPIDER-GIRL!

PAUL TOBIN & CLAYTON HENRY bring a tale of action & intrigue, and make a strong argument for why you can sometimes send a Spider-GIRL to do a Spider-MAN’s job!

WRITER: Dan Slott & Paul Tobin
PENCILS: Humberto Ramos & Clayton Henry
COVER BY: Humberto Ramos

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 34.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. can’t wait for this

  2. Holy crap I didn’t know this issue was 56 pages, thats 120 pages in 2 weeks!

  3. Make me love Spidey again, Mr. Slott! I know you can do it!

  4. Slott is the man.  The best candidate for this book, as I’m hoping we’ll see.

  5. Yeah, I haven’t read any good 616 Spidey that Jason Aaron or BMB wasn’t involved with in…three, four years? Hopefully this breaks the cycle and I actually read something that feels like Spider-Man, even if it’s still under the cancerous OMD-timeline.

  6. @darkknightjared–what does "616 spidey" mean?

    i’m interested in checking this out. 

  7. @wallythegreenmonster

    616 is a term used to discribe mainstream marvel, as opposed to Ultimate Universe which is a differnt continuity. I think it comes from eXiles, but I might be wrong. It refers to the demension they live in (it’s like 52 earth theory)

    I am really looking forward to this. I got tired of BND and although I’m not convinced it is over really, one writer is enough to make me check this out. Hopefully the inconsistant story telling (opinion) will be a thing of the past. Slott was my favourity of the "trust".


  8. The Marvel Universe is further depicted as existing within a "multiverse" consisting of thousands of separate universes, all of which are the creations of Marvel Comics and all of which are, in a sense, "Marvel universes". In this context, "Marvel Universe" is taken to refer to the mainstream Marvel continuity, which is known as Earth-616.

     From Wiki

  9. I’m really going to miss BND!!  I hate admitting it, but BND was pretty much the first Spidey I ever read.  I hope Big Time is just as fun, although I’m really going to miss some of those great writers!!

  10. I’m just now jumping onto The Spiderman comic bandwagon after YEARS (the last time I read Spiderman consistently was in the Todd McFarlane days). Hope I won’t be disappointed!

    I tried picking up Spiderman a few years ago but was just getting back into comics and had no idea what was going on. I’m now aware of brand New Day and everything but I really don’t care…just want to read good Spidey and se great art. 



  11. My switch to trade waiting on ASM has been rough!  I still need to read Grim Hunt, but I’m really excited for this new direction.  I will be skipping OMIT though.

  12. Skipping OMIT would be a mistake.  It is excellent.  A masterfully interwoven piece that solves all continuity myesteries, entertaining on every page, with excellent art from Quesada and others.

  13. I had the opposite experience with OMIT.  I didn’t care for it at all.  Everything else has been fantastic though.

  14. I am really excited about Big Time.  I mean, REALLY excited.  I haven’t been this excited about Spider-Man since the end of the clone saga.  (That’s right, I said it.  I liked the clone saga.)  Mackie’s run, JMS’s run , OMD/BND, Grim Hunt and OMIT all left me wanting more.  Don’t get me wrong, there were some great individual stories in there and, in general, the stories were above average in quality, but in a lot of ways, the stories felt like they were running in place, re-treading stories that had already been told.  With Big Time, it seems like Slott is really going to move Peter forward.  This will be a change in the status quo, an addition to the Spider-man/Peter Parker mythos.

    @jwaesch: Yeah, I think opinions on OMIT are split.  (See above.)  I personally liked it, but your mileage may vary.


  15. I’m sorry to see some members of the Spider-trust – especially Kelly – leave the book, but I’m looking forward to this. Especially looking forward to the rotation of Ramos, Martin, and Caselli.

  16. OMIT solved the mysteries that no one really asked to be solved, so it’s quite skippable. It’s a retcon to a retcon, which is puzzling why it would be put out. The first issue was a little clever, but the rest of the issues are quite bland, boring and uninspired. I’d say avoid at all costs, since it’s a waste of money.


    This, on the other hand, looks quite enjoyable, as Slott and his cohorts were quite instumental in making Spider-Man interesting again. Additionally, it looks like Slott is going to continue the BND tradition solo, so this will be the book to keep an eye on.

  17. The reason I plan on skipping OMIT, is quite simply because I don’t really care about all of the continuity mysteries/discrepancies( I haven’t even read one more day, so I probably wouldn’t know the ins and outs of OMIT anyway). 

    I just want good, classic spider-man stories!

  18. OMIT was the most boring Spidey arc I EVER read!!  It had good art though.

  19. Man, where’s Akamuu these days? I miss seeing his reviews before heading to the shop on Wednesdays.

  20. @jrodine  i was just thinking the same thing!

  21. This ish was amazing, as the title implies. My POW for sure. Spidey and Petey both upstage, epic-tease, and save the day. Slott has won me.

  22. This was the best single issue of Spidey since the Rhino two-parter.  Great stuff here.

  23. Would this be a good jumping on point? Or should I got back to the beginning of the last arc?

  24. @oopsxlandmine Agreed re: ‘Spidey and Petey both upstage’. Slott’s writing a complete Parker. I hope he keeps that up. How good does Ramos’s work look in this issue? With due respect to Mr. Romita Jr., Ramos is drawing a much finer Spider-Woman. 

    @thompsonlive I think you’d be just fine jumping on here. I’m not sure that reading the previous arc, Origin of the Species (ASM 642-646), is going to enhance your experience of Big Time, but it was a lot of fun. I let the arc collect (which doesn’t take very long when the book is coming out bi-weekly) and read the complete story in one sitting. You could check out ASM 647 which signals the end to Brand New Day and summarizes some of the changes to the spider-status quo. Or you can avoid the 4.99 price tag and let wikipedia bring you up to speed. All that being said, I think you could read Big Time with no knowledge of Brand New Day and enjoy it. 

  25. LOVED Brand New Day and LOVED OMIT. I don’t get why people didn’t like it.

    Also…LOVED Big Time! So much fun!

  26. @thompsonlive Man, I’m looking at my comment and it assumes you know nothing about BND or current Spider goings on. Apologies; I meant to be helpful not rude. 

  27. @jrodine no worries that was exactly the info I needed. Cause I havnt read any spiderman comics in the standard marvel u in over 10 years (I’ve only been reading ultimate spiderman.) thanks for the info

  28. @thompsonlive Cheers, man. I hope you enjoy Big Time. 

  29. @jrodine
    The art is just ok for me. Granted, its like 800 steps up from azaceta, but i think they COULD find someone a bit more Grade A for their flagship books. Oh, Well.

  30. @oopsxlandmine I warmed up to Azaceta after a few issues of Origin of the Species but I think I prefer Ramos, too. Based on this issue I’d say he’s grade A. Who’d you like to see penciling this book? 

  31. @jrodine:  I agree with @oopsxlandmine, the art was a bit wonky in places but overall it was good.  I would love to see them bring back Chris Bachalo.  His work on the Shed issues was masterful and his style is perfect for spidey.

  32. I really wanted this issue to bring me back to the Spidey-verse, so I approached it excited but nervous that it wouldn’t accomplish this feat.

    Every page I turned was better than the last. Amazing art, spectacular characterizations, sentational story-lines starting up! It truly is a new era for Spider-Man, and I’m glad I’m along for the ride!

  33. @Malacema Shed was one of the top arcs of The Gauntlet for me. I’d love to see Bachalo back too. 

  34. A very, very promissing start to Big Time!!!  Really liked this issue a lot!

  35. If so many folks disagree with my review, then why don’t they type one up?

  36. This is an issue that I can point to if anyone were to ever ask: "Why do you like Spider-Man?"

  37. Fart jokes, really?

  38. over all good issue.  @ Malecema…right?!.. snookie reference felt forced and un needed.  Glad to see peter catch a little luck.

  39. Too jokey for my taste but I’ll see where it goes.  The art was great, especially after the Paul Azaceta issues.  Also, what happened to cutting the title back to twice a month?

  40. Liked the book, and the new status quo moving forward, but I could live without the Ramos art. His style just doesn’t appeal to me. But I love Slott and he’s bribing Kingpin back Amazing Spider-Man so I’ll deal with the art.

  41. This was a set-up issue. Slott dropped in about 40 characters and possible future storylines. It wasw a lot of pages and unfortunately at time really felt like a lot pages to slog through, especially when he was searching around for an apartment and calling everyone he knew. Kind of an awkward device to reintroduce us to everyone. Still, once he finally got his new job it started getting fun, so I am relatiely optimistic. Also, despite being a devote Spidey-luvs-MJer (or maybe because I am) I loved the scene where they just laugh at the idea of living together again.

  42. This issue was amazing, finally peter has a job and the perfect one at that!  I really hope this isn’t screwed up but I am so excited for where this series will go, also Ramos is climbing the chart on my favorite artists

  43. The new job is great.  Newspaper photographer is so dated.

    Storyline feels right for Spiderman.  Very excited with the potential. 

  44. The fart joke was total BS.  Stupid humor does not belong in our comic books.  Too much of it these days at Marvel.

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