The journey of ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES continues, as an army of Spidey’s greatest villains sets the stage for one of the toughest fights of Spidey’s life. You won’t want to miss a single, bone-breaking page!


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  1. Well… No comments then?

  2. I really don’t like that Carlie character. Peter doesn’t have to date mj, just not this girl either.

  3. I was iffy on the first issue but I have been digging the past two. I hope this issue wraps it up all nicely.

  4. i want pete to date the blond girl from frontline that has a crush on him, i cannot remember her name for the life of me now

  5. not much to say, ive been LOVING asm and enjoying this arc, just kind of waiting for big time to hit

  6. I for one was terrified of the bone-breaking pages. As marketig gimmicks go, that is only one step below the hologram tri-foil cover.

  7. @RoiVampire: Norah. (I think?)

  8. @RoiVampire @conor

    Yep. Norah Winters. Flirts constantly with Pete, but I think she’s dating Robbie’s son.

  9. Norah is with Randy…but when was the last time we saw him. It’s got to be over a year ago. Norah seemed to ok with the idea of swapping Randy for Peter, might be a new source of drama for the writers to explore.

    Carlie is a little too perfect.

  10. This arc has been great so far. Waid really knows how to write Spider-Man. Ocs motivation is belivable, the use of Spideys powers was pretty clever. Great arc so far.

  11. @conor @neums  Yeah that’s it. I think it would be great for Peter to date someone he could talk to about work. As much as I love MJ it would be awesome for Peter to date a journalist.

  12. No more Stan Lee backup?  Thank god.

  13. @grandturk oh come on, that was fun, and the Marcos Martin art was great

  14. The Lee and Martin back up where the best thing in the book until this arc.

  15. Sorry, I hated the Stan Lee backup, he really needs to retire and just go to cons now, no need for him to write anything.

  16. this was a fantastic issue, I loved how the villains were afraid of being hunted down by spider man. When used rarely, the “badass” spidey really works for me.

  17. @Myncy agreed, badass spidey is always a treat

  18. I really liked this issue except the part where Spider-man breaks Shocker’s arm…..that seemed to go a little too far.

  19. Loved the story and until the end I’d been loving the back-up.  Still don’t think that Azaceta is the right artist for this book.

  20. @cubman I read it as him breaking the suit not his arm because the next panel he was saying with his suit broken the shockwaves would kill him

  21. AWESOME! I’m loving this story, certainly one of many highlights of the BND era!

    I guess the only real complaint I would have is sometimes the artist makes Spider-Man look chunky…other than that I love it!

  22. @myncy

    Totally agree. Spidey’s badass side, is probably my favorite thing ever. Pulling kraven jr’s into the shadows while they kick and scream in terror, was nothing less than AMAZING! Grim Hunt was my favorite arc in a LOOONG time, probably since civil war when he counters Stark’s disable code for the Iron Spider suit and hits him in the face!

  23. @peterparker18102

    Hmm could be, from the art and the way Shocker screamed though I took it as his arm broke, doesn’t really matter though, I loved this issue regarless.

  24. I was a little surprised how good this issue was.  I don’t think Azaceta’s art works for superhero stuff but I thought it was pretty good here, he’s definitely gotten better with each issue of this run.  Really well written too, you can tell spidey’s pissed when he pretty much doesn’t say anything for the entire book.

  25. It was very refreshing to see Spider-man being feared by his villians again.  this was the best issue i read of Asm in over a year

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