Hiya, Retailers, Fred Van Lente here to tell you we could never let “The Gauntlet” get by without the return of another classic Spider-Man foe…THE SCORPION! She has brand new powers, a new modus operandi, and you won’t believe her reason for tangling with Spidey– Hm, what? Yes, we said “she.” Why? Who did you think we meant?

WRITER: Fred Van Lente
PENCILS: Michael Gaydos
INKS: Chad Anderson

Price: $2.99
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  1. Michael Gaydos?!  This will ROCK!!!  Van Lente has been extremely good on ASM recently.

    Just finished the Waid/Azaceta run.  Steve Wacker, please take them off the book.  Or at least Azaceta.  Spider-Man hasn’t looked that badly drawn in ASM in over 20 years.  The story was not up to par either.  Relied on way too much exposition, was a bore to read.

    I look forward to the future of this title, and hope Azaceta never returns.

    Lark, Weisman, Luke Ross, & Quinones were excellent recently and hope they do ALOT more work on ASM.  Luke Ross BELONGS on Amazing Spider-Man, His angles and panels of Spider-Man were beautiful to look at, as well as his faces.  Quinones had a brilliant and playful style.  Weisman mastered his script on first try. 

  2. i’ve been really mixed on Van Lente’s ASM runs. But i can’t wait to read this. I’m like 4 ASM issues behind.

  3. Oh Gaydos!  Sweet!

  4. Kelly always succeeds in gettine me excited about Spider Man even if he isn’t responsible for writing the following issues.

  5. She has new powers. Wait they are bringing back that crappy female scorpion. sweet


  6. ASM can do no wrong in my opinion after last weeks issue. This issue could be peter Parker taking a dump for 22 pages and I would still buy it. With the exception of the revisit to the clone saga (which still had good moments) I can’t think of a time where ASM has really missed a beat.

  7. @KickAss
    "Luke Ross BELONGS on Amazing Spider-Man"

    I disagree (I think he belongs on a book that I don’t read), but I’m with you in regards to Gaydos. 

  8. Gaydos on spidey! sold!

  9. I’ve been disappointed with Peter’s characterisation recently, so I’ve dropped this book, to the shock of the people in my LSC. I’m the "Spider-man guy", but three times a month is quickly become 5 times a month on a regular basis. I can’t afford to keep up with all these books, and this isn’t the character I used to loved.

  10. @Zeppo- You should subscribe through  It’s $49.97 for 36 issues.  That’s $1.39 an issue, even when issues are $3.99 + tax in store!  Don’t tell anyone at your store, just do it.  Much cheaper.

    @Bastrd-Look at Ross’s layouts in the Flash Thompson story.  His POVs and Spider costume are outstanding, as well as the acting on the faces.  His art has never looked better.

  11. This was solid, a lot better than Van Lente’s last Spider-man story….I still always feel a bit of a let down the week after a Joe Kelly issue or run is over though.

  12. @KickAss ross’s art was the only good thing to come out of that issue.

  13. Best panel this week! This looks like a job for…. Haha! Gaydos all the way.

  14. another very good issue, the only thing this issue suffered from was following joe kelly doing a rhino story

  15. This was an awesome stand alone issue – loved it !!

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