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  1. Hopefully the next arc is better…  The last five or so issues have really put this book on the chopping block for me.

  2. I’ve been the opposite.  The last few issues have actually drawn me back into ASM

  3. This arc has driven me away, after the book had gotten really good after issue 600.  I’ll have to look at the rest of the books coming out this week, but I think this is dropped for me.

  4. so is the gauntlet going to have these small arcs for each of the villians involved from that solicit a while back? Or is this 3 parter it?

  5. @Fvckstick

    It’s a series of arcs that make up The Gauntlet.

    615 and 616 are Sandman

    617 is Rhino

    618-620 is Mysterio

    621 is either Mr. Negative or Lizard, with something about Black Cat.  The Gauntlet isn’t mentioned in the solicit, so this might be a "break" issue.

    622 is Morbius (could be an arc, solicits are only out to this point)

    I don’t know how long The Gauntlet is supposed to last..  I’ve heard 18 issues, but I’m not sure how official that is.

  6. Do you think once Spidey rips another mask and costume he goes to different fabric stores around town. He can’t possibly go to one store and buy all the stuff he need for another costume and not arouse suspicion from the staff that works there. "Hey Judy. Yeah I’m back. I need some red and blue fabric and lots of black thread and that really shiny stuff that you can see through at one side."

  7. The 5 issue clone saga crap made me hate the series.  I do yearly subscriptions, and I could barely force myself into reading that crap.  This arc is badass though, can’t wait for the rest.

  8. I’m looking forward to this one, and I’ve liked the last two issues and the Electro story in WoS#2 was a highlight.

  9. This arc has been pretty damn silly with its portrayl of Electro, but i dig the art

  10. I haven’t enjoyed an arc on Spider-man for a few months now. The clone saga repeat and this story have drained any momentum the book was picking up. I have been waiting for the Slott/Martine story since it was announced (last year) so I think I’ll stick with the book until then. Hopefully I’ll see an improvement over the next few issues.

  11. I’m really liking this arc. The clone saga story was pants but I’m really enjoying this story line which is quite relevant today. I like how the peoples hatred for bankers is so powerful it can over ride people’s natural aversion to supervillains. That would definately be the case if the Marvel universe took place in the real world. 

    All part of the reason why Marvel will always be better than DC in my eyes. Not that DC is bad, please don’t mistake me for a DC hater. Marvel is just better.

  12. "…at the cost of one of the best-known and most beloved landmarks in the Marvel Universe…"

    Sounds like the end of the Bugle to me.

  13. Almost certainly the end of the Daily Bugle building.

  14. I’ve been wanting to get into Spider-man and picked up a few issues here and there since 600.  Nothing seems interesting enough for me to stay.  I’ll probably pick up the Mysterio arc, but other than that, I just can’t get into Spidey by himself.

  15. Chocobavits – It was only 3 issues of clone saga wasn’t it? and yes it was bad. Liking this arc though. 

  16. mark waid’s run has been awesome, imho

  17. I get my orders DCBS so I just read the clone arc and now the first two issues of this arc.  I was luke warm on the clone arc but didn’t hate it (liked the art).  I have absolutely been loving this arc, I like the Electro stuff and the Paul Azaceta art has been top notch.  On Daredevil i thought he was sort of a poor man’s Michael Lark, but here with Stewarts colors I am blown away.

  18. I swore of ASM after the OMD debacle.  I came back for issue 600 and had thoughts of breaking my boycott.  But this is not the Spider-man I know. 

  19. I subscribed to this just after issue 612 came out (couldn’t pass up that 36 issues for fifty bucks deal) but I haven’t gotten 613 yet. Is that lag time between AMS showing up on the LCS rack and my mailbox usually that long???

  20. At first I thought this was an interesting idea but no real consequences, but now that they destroyed the bugle I fear for peter parker

  21. I love Azaceta’s Spider-Man.

  22. Everything improved this issue, the writing and the art. This is the first issue I’ve enjoy for a few weeks now, hopefully Amazing Spider-man is back on track.

    I liked the two consequences of the arc, and wonder if it’ll have an impact later on. Will Dexter blame Spider-man, and be on his way to becoming some sort of villian. Or will he become Flash Thompson’s arch-nemisis?

  23. JJJ’s the mayor??? Where was I when this happened?? Oh yea I stopped collecting this after One More Day…Still it sounds interesting enough, I might give it a read.

  24. I can’t believe there’s still all this hate for OMD.  Do you guys still get upset thinking about when all your movies started having sound?  Settle.

    The Gauntlet certainly lived up the hype in this issue.  I would’ve been more than happy to see the classic villains simply get an overhual and have Spidey battling them almost non-stop. But I like that there are, and will no doubt continue to be drastic consequences and changes to Spider-Man’s world.

    Did I say changes?  Oh please no, anything but changes!  It’s OMD all over again!  I’ll tell you again, settle.

  25. Yeah this arc has been fairly polarizing. The art and dialog are obviously channeling the silver age. Some people enjoy that some people don’t. Personally I liked it, I wouldn’t want to keep it up for much longer then a few issues, but I liked the throwback feel to it.

  26. I liked this arc story wise, but the art did absolutely nothing for me.

  27. I’m kind of refreshed by the art because its so different to what I’m used to with ASM.  Looking forward to Sandman.

  28. Eh, a bit better than the previous issues, definitely the best of the arc, but outside of the last page nothing really excited me. 3/5.

  29. They destroyed the Daily Bugle. I am bummed now. 🙁

    And only a feww months after Ultimatum, which destroyed the Ultimate DB.

  30. This was wonderful. I wasn’t so jazzed on the last issue, but this one fixed all that. I was absolutly floored by the page with Jameson’s reaction.

  31. This was the best of the arc, but it still wasn’t enough to get ASM off my chopping block

  32. The panel of Jameson watching the building collapse was stunningly great. I stared at it for a full minute before turning the page. This issue was fantastic. Great to see JJJ and Dexter Bennet finally having it out, along with a very classic style battle between Spider-Man and Electro.

  33. Normally the Waid arc’s are the more better ones IMO. And After the clone arc I, which almost made me cancel my subs., this issue kinda pulled me back in, although the beginning of the electro arc wasn’t that good for the most part. But what a great pay off! I love Waid on the book, Slott is doing ok, but the others ain’t doing it for me. Question is, Am I going to sit out 6 issues for 6 good one’s.

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