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  1. last issue was excellent.  hope to see more of that sweet fucking art!!!

  2. Last issue was only ok for me, I hope this issue gets the story going a little more and I’m ready to see what Kraven’s family has in store for Spidey!

  3. Anyone know how many issues Power to the People is?

  4. @slockhart

    Power to the People is 3 issues.

  5. I don’t read this, but this cover and the last are absolute killer. They might actually make me pick this up.

  6. I have a feeling that we are going to get small snippets of the craven’s family stuff within the storylines involving the classic villains (sandman, lizard electro etc…) I think it’ll end with a big craven’s family story. Just a hunch though.

  7. ha K-raven

  8. i agree with vada, last issue was Amazing

  9. Ok, last issue was meh, but I am hoping and expecting for it to pick up on this one.

  10. Wait I thought his arc was called The Gauntlet. Is Power to the People a sub-arc for the Gauntlet or something?

  11. @mikegraham

    The Gauntlet is a long arc made up of short arcs, kind of in the same way Dark Reign or even The Clone Saga was.  I’m unsure how long Gauntlet lasts, but I know it’s solicited through at least January.

  12. Gauntlet as in one villian after another.  All classic villians too, this could be fantastic stuff.

  13. I wonder how long it’d take to read all the ASM issues from Brand New Day up?  I’m thinking of attempting it after I reread Morrison’s Batman run again cuz I’m too strapped for cash to get any new trades these days.

  14. I don’t read this but this is hands down my cover of the week.

  15. Hopefully my store will have ASM this week, and have tracked down last weeks issue which they didn’t get!


  16. Did you say, "Hey, watt is your problem? THis happens again, I’m volting and never coming back!"?

  17. Just not enjoying this storyline at all.

  18. @ Jim – Agreed! I don’t know if it’s just too "topical" for me, or the story is just uninteresting but I’m not connecting with it. Also the art is not my taste. It looks nice, but it’s not dynamic.

  19. I like that Electro is back and is bad-ass.  As far sa the ‘topical’ points and his vendetta against Bennett, I’ll deal with it.  I can only see this arc getting better and better.

  20. I am ok with the story, but Azaceta’s art just doesn’t do it for me. Anyone got any idea how long his run on asm will be?

  21. @cashs I’m hoping his run is short. It looks like  a bad version of a Daredevil comic in the art department.  Some of the faces were just awful.  I’m not a fan of this art, but can live with the story.

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