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  1. Funny how iFanboy thought Ben Reilly was back and that it was "cool."

    The annual was written in a way that obviously does not bring him back, and if he was brought back, it would definitely not be "cool."  Bringing him back would be such a dumb "DC idea."

    The way they’ve written this story so far, makes it a very interesting story without having to bring the character back.  Now that’s doing it right Marvel!

    I don’t think any iFanboy has a good grasp on Spider-Man, or a good love for the character, and that’s sorely missing from the discussions.  Sure his comic gets discussed enough, but they din’t get what really makes him the best character.

  2. I liked the annual, I think this could be a good story.

    I doubt Ben Reilly will be alive by the end of the arc. I started reading Spider-man just before the first Clone Saga, but I never connected to the character the way I did Peter.

  3. @KickAss; Who thought it was cool that Ben Reilly was back? I certainly don’t.

  4. @KickAss  I want you to know that this is coming from someone who has been reading Amazing Spider-Man since before Mark Bagley drew it. I love Spider-Man more than any character in any movie, tv show or book I’ve ever read.

    I think you hate it here, I really do. And that’s really weird because you post here. 

    Also I think ASM gets more than enough love from the guys on the podcast. I think they absolutely get why Peter is a great character and for god sakes I can’t remember the last arc of this book that didn’t get a mention or two on the podcast.

     But in the words or Royal Tenenbaum "That’s just one man’s opinion."

  5. I wish Ben Reilly would come back, but I don’t think this arc is going to do that.

  6. Am I the only one who prefer’s Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man suit (not Scarlet Spider) over Peter’s?  Well, if you lose the wrist bands.

  7. Here’s a question that I’ve had since the annual.  Are Petere’s cousins actually bloood related?  wouldn’t they be second or not even cousins at all if they were May’s relatives?  He is living with a fair amount of attractive ladies who may or may not be related to him.  As if he needs more girl problems. 

  8. @ato220  I thought the same thing. I’m really in the mood for it to get awkward in ASM. Like more awkward than all the season finale’s of The Office combined.

  9. I’m really looking forward to this arc, I liked the annual a lot and ASM has been pretty top notch in my opinion lately.

  10. @kickass I think you’re way off base on your assessment there buddy.  Put the pipe down and try again.

  11. I don’t want to read this, but I’m going to.  I’m even going to buy the first issue of "Web of".  … 

  12. Hmm its a pretty heavy week. I think I could do without a Ben Reilly related story in my stack…not sure though

  13. I love Granov’s covers!

  14. Eeeeh not into Ben Reilly, but I Trust In Spidey.

  15. @Roivampire Like it wasn’t akward with the Chameleon and Flash?  I love this book.

  16. @ato220   yeah but that was a little too weird. i want awkward flirtations that make peter feel weird in his bathing suit area. i’m pretty sure joe kelly could write a whole issue of peter trying not to flirt with his cousins

  17. Who the hell is Raptor?

  18. Raptor was in this years ASM Annual, someone murdered his family, and he thinks it was Ben Reilly, so he’s been looking for Ben Reilly and comes across Peter and thinks he is Ben and wants to kill him to avenge his family….Pete was able to switch into his Spider costume and fight him off….oh and his powers are that he is strong, has large bone-claw things that come out of his arms (like a raptor claw) and can like morph his mouth into having sharp teeth and a huge mouth…… thats pretty much it in a nutshell, not a lot known about him yet.

  19. What would be really funny is if all of Peter’s friends start hooking up with his hot cousins. And Peter, along with all three cousins and Pete’s friends don’t say a word to one another about the affairs. Then they start swapping without even knowing. Then it all blows up at some big event where everyone is. The awkwardness would last for months.

  20. @supertrackermonkey   Now that should be the next Marvel event

  21. i’m failing to see why this story is apealing or interesting at all if it’s all about how dead Ben Riely is, and i’m definetely not understanding paying over 3 bucks (with tax) to read it. I DO, however, miss  dyed blonde ben and his silly shop he worked at and that weird black headed girl who liked him. "sigh" those were the days.

  22. Worst issue of ASM I’ve ever read(not that I’be been reading it for to long). Ben looked to much like Raptor and his dialog was weird. Maybe I’ll read it again.

  23. I thought this was a very good start to the arc, loved the end.

  24. I just subscribed to Marvel subscription for ASM and am bummed it’s not in my mailbox the same day it is released…

  25. I think the colorist got confused by who was who because Ben and Raptor switch eye color during the issue. If the artist changed the ultimate peter parker hairstyle on one of them then I could follow the story without unnecessary double takes. Besides that I thought it was a good issue

  26. @RoiVampire
    Aw, man! You schooled my nemesis (one Mr. Ass, first name Kick) better than I ever have. It’s like you’re Iron Man and here I am, all Reed Richards-y, watching you beat Dr. Doom to a pulp while informing me, "This is how it’s done!"

  27. @KickAss
    (I still have to get my jab in, though)

    "Bringing him back would be such a dumb ‘DC idea.’"

    What does that even mean? Sure, they’ve done a Rebirth here and there and a "… Return of Superman" (of "Death and…") that one time, but characters coming back from the comic book death is hardly a DC exclusive phenomenon. Bucky? How ’bout Norman Osborn? Phoenix? Or right now, the deal on Steve Rogers; what’s that book called? Ah, yes, "REBORN". It’s a common to comics as a whole; hell it happens in other media as well, just not as frequently.

    (This gets tangent-y, but I bring it back around)
    When you use a phrase like, "but they din’t [sic] get what really makes him the best character", you seriously remind me of a child. I’m not calling you childish, per se, I mean that you remind me of a specific child; I was working in a Walgreens last year, this kid comes up to me with two different water guns and begs of me the question, "Which one’s better?" I evidently suck at talking to kids because I replied, "In what terms?", to this 10 year old who just kinda walked away after my unsatisfactory answer. That’s okay for a kid to look at things so subjectively, I was wrong for answering him with the same level of discourse I would afford an adult because that kid doesn’t want to hear that, he just wants, "That one shoots further! ZippyWOW!"
    I will assume that you are an adult and thereby expect a higher plain of conversation than "This character’s the best" or "Marvel’s better" from you. You often completely disregard others’ opinions solely because they differ from your own. To speak in terms that are on par with the watergun kid, "Quit it."

    </preachy bullshit> </irrelevant tangent>
    <on-topic subject>
    I’m kinda worried for when I read this tomorrow; I didn’t like Ross’ work on 605, maybe Checchetto will smooth him out. 

  28. I love how Ben Reilly’s application said ‘Pager’.

    I have no idea why I found that so funny.

  29. Also Spidey has some Black Widow-like balance on that office chair.

  30. @CaptBastrd  That post made my day sir, thank you


    @mustbedamned  Well he does have super agility so at least it makes sense that he could do it, unlike widow

  31. 2 Stars. The art was okay, but this really felt like a clone saga issue from 1995. It’s been a long time since i’ve read that stuff, and while I certainly didn’t hate the Clone Saga as much as most of Comic-dom, I do view it as a low point for the character. This feels very recycled. Wasn’t this type of plot what created most of the drama for Peter during the Clone Saga: "Uh-oh! Ben Reilly or Kaine did something and now someone from the past is confused and looking for revenge…on Peter!" If I remember corrctly, this happened a lot back then. I think Kaine killed someone and Peter was arrested for it. Plus, "Raptor" fells like lame villian that would have been created during the Clone Sage, just a few years after Jurassic Park made Raptors really cool.

    Honestly, when I was in 8th grade I really liked the Scarlet Spider. At the time, though I had the notion that the writing itself was pretty poor, not just the concept.

  32. @RoiVampire
    Thank you, and spider-agility doesn’t equal weightlessness!

    I’m getting out my prediction hat and saying that this Raptor fellow is another Spider-clone. This may however be based on the fact that they look exactly the same in this issue thanks to the art. The confusion that left wasn’t helped by their eye color, as mentioned by RandoCalrissian (who I assume is Lando’s older, even cooler brother), as well as hair color being switched left and right.

    Was Ben Reilly known for his sweet mullet? I could have the timeline confused, but didn’t he have the bleach blonde do for most of his "I’m Spider-Man now! Sorry devoted fans!"time?

    Who still uses Internet Explorer? (Other than whoever’s screen was used as an example for the Screwball webpage)

    I kinda liked the main story art, the Reilly stuff, as mentioned, was confusing since the two characters were so identical. 

    I too feel, as Andrew stated, that this feels like something out of the ’90s. Maybe I read it wrong, but didn’t they even say on the letters page that the story continues in the new Web of Spider-Man? Really, Marvel? A title crossover? Really? Just go the whole 9 yards and give Peter an inexplicably long ponytail/mullet, strap him with some pouches, and slap some armor on while you’re at it. 

  33. @capbastard

    The story doesn’t directly continue in Web of Spider-man but it has some stories related to this arc in it (I believe there is a Kaine story, maybe explaining why he is no longer in jail).

    I agree about the 1990’s feel to this issue (they even had Norah comment on Raptor looking like he was dressed like it was the 1990’s or something) but I think it is intentional (a baddie named Raptor) and I’m kind of enjoying it, though, it reminds me of the early, good issues of the Clone Saga.

  34. @cubman987  Web of Spider-Man seems more and more like Spider-Man Family with a different title the more i hear about it. I think I’m gonna pass.

  35. @RoiVampire

    If I’m not mistaken, Web is replacing Spider-man Family so its basically going to be the same thing, at least for a little while.  I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it might eventually turn into a regular second Spider-man title, but for now you are right, its basically Spider-man family with a new name.

  36. So who the fuck is Kaine?

    I liked the issue.  I was out of comics during the Clone Saga, but this issue did a nice job of explaining it without too much exposition

  37. Kaine is another clone of Peter but he began to degenerate early and was mentally unstable and killed a bunch of people, Peter got blamed for it since they had the same fingerprints….he eventually ends up in jail and obviously Peter is cleared. 

  38. That page with Kaine on it brought back so many bad tastes in my mouth I think I am dropping this until he is gone and forgotten again.

  39. @Cutty  The cool thing about Kaine is his spider-sense is all wonky so along with the early warnings he also has visions of the future. Which i love for some reason.

  40. Two stars.  I already miss Joe Kelly.  Overall a very boring issue, Guggenheim’s pacing was really off for this issue I hope this picks up in the next issue and it feels a little like a mandated push to peddle the new Spider book.

  41. I was torn on 3 vs. 4 stars. Then I remembered that they were researching whether there was a missing link between man and dinosaur.

     3 stars it is.

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