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  1. man that cover is freaking gorgeous

  2. @RoiVampire I agree, Quesada can draw one hell of a cover.

  3. I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to compliment Quesada in any way relating to a Spider-man comic.

    Although that’s a pretty cover.

  4. Great cover!

  5. Has the BND bitchin’ finally stopped?

  6. @Garrett: There’s some people who are still sour about it (myself included, I dropped the book for a long while), but really, it’s been long enough, and the book has been excellent enough, that it’s hard to complain. Sure, what they did might not have been right (depending on how you feel about it), but there’s no denying that ASM has been fantastic since BND. Of course, I wish that ASM could’ve just improved on it’s own without any major retconning, but you can’t win ’em all.

  7. 422 pulls seems like a pretty good number…

  8. Well I didn’t start reading ASM until BND so I DON’T CARE!! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!

  9. How many issues are in this arc?  I’ve been trying to branch out from the DCU, and this seems like a good place to start.  I don’t want to get 592 and 593 if it’ll be easier/cheaper/quicker to just wait until the next arc.

  10. @Slockhart – I’m going to wait until #595 to jump on, which is the next arc leading up to #600 (written by Joe Kelly!). I’ve jumped on for the Marcos Martin arcs, but have missed out on a lot of the recent arcs that everyone has been raving about (Character Assasination) and missed out on "New Ways to Die." I think I may stay on for awhile provided that the books stays strong. I’ve always liked Spidey but shied away from ASM b/c of the 3 issues/month. Just don’t think I can hold out any longer!

  11. @Slockhart – To answer your question, though, I believe this is the second of a 3-issue arc. As I said before, #595 starts the new arc leading up to #600.

  12. @Slockhart – Yeah, this is Part 2 of 3, so you’d only need to get this issue and the last issue if you wanted to jump on (which I would highly recommend).

    5/5 all the way on this one!

  13. @Slockhart – I’d agree with kwisdumb in that you should definitely pick this arc up.  I personally love Waid writing Spider-Man and I equally love Mckone on the art.  A 5/5 for me as well.

  14. It’s funny how Oracle #1 had dozens of "cheesecake" comments about Barbara in the shower, and here we have an equally gratuitous scene with Peter in the shower, and nary a mention.  I guess people are just a lot more comfortable with naked guys in the shower than naked girls. 😛

  15. Just loving the Spiderman right now – every issue is just really entertaining and fun, and this issue is no exception.  I love the multiple and overlapping storylines for each of the characters, and it really is just like old times.  Look forward to it more and more every issue, and Waid and McKone are two of the best creators on the regular rotation.

  16. I loved the whole Peter and Aunt May scene. Great storytelling between the word balloons. Also Pete’s "Osbourne" slip up was great.

  17. How great was this issue??!  Spiderman just keeps delivering, week after week. 

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