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  1. Slott writing with McKone on art has me super excited for these 2 issues!

  2. oh my god, molten man, hells yes

  3. New Spidey still cannot even fathom to hold a single strap of old Spidey’s jock.

  4. He doesn’t need to fathom it, he’s doing it… on a near weekly basis!

  5. I don’t understand the OMD/BND haters. This should be their candy since this arc is continuity-porn concerning Harry’s reappearance and they like things in a very neatly arranged historical box.

    I feel like this book has been rolling out some of the best Spider-Man stories in years if not decades. Huzzah.

  6. When people say "Old Spidey," how old do they mean, exactly? The Lee/Ditko/Romita era? If that’s the case, then I agree that this stuff isn’t as good. However, if they mean the stuff coming out before Brand New Day, I disagree. JMS’ run was okay and Howard Mackie’s run before that was terrible. That’s 10-12+ years of mediocrity and garbage. What more do you want?

    I am interested to see how Liz Allen and Normie fit into Harry’s life in this new status quo.

    Plus, Mike McKone! Yay!

  7. im intersted in starting this series. Is this a new story arch and is it worth starting?

  8. @Fvckstick:

    1. Yes

    2. Probably

  9. Colour me unsure. Pulled all of NWTD and onward (except the one-off’s), great. Loved the Hammerhead/Shocker two parters! I don’t know, something about Molten Man turning me off I think. Is  Mike McKone on par with JRJr/Bachalo/Martin? He drew something called ‘Sex Warrior’ .. alarm bells are ringing. Haha, anyway .. probably going to get it ..

  10. @uberlush

    He’s done some BND before and it was pretty good. Slott is writing this too, so it should be good as well (see: NWTD)

  11. Oh, man, I just realized this is the arc I heard Dan Slott talk about at Baltimore Comic-Con.  I’m not a regular Spider-Man reader but am a fan of the classic Harry Osborn stories.  Gotta try this one.

  12. I’ve been all about Amazing Spiderman lately. Brand New Day doesn’t hurt me much at all. Why does everybody hate reboots so much? They’re not all that much of a big deal. Movies do them all the time. Isn’t the new Hulk with Edward Norton way better then the one from 2003? Dont even lie and say, "no"!

  13. I found this kind of bland, but I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been reading the series and lack some context for it.  I’d be interested in other people’s thoughts.  I’m interested in these Osborn men, conceptually; would it be worth going back to pick up ‘New Ways to Die’?

  14. I’ve been absolutely loving Spiderman right now. If I were gay, I would wanna blow him.  I think the last three issues were quite decent.  Much more enjoyable then Last Rites over in the Batman’s territory.  I’m actually thinking about subscribing.  I have never subscribed to a Marvel comic book in my life, but now I’m actually considering it.  One year, 36 issues for $49??!!  That’s fucking awesome!!  I would end up turning a profit after I stacked a bunch and sold them on Ebay. 

  15. @ohcaroline: I had the same problem you did.  This was my first issue, so I didn’t quite get all the relationship stuff so it suffered a little because of that.  But it was solid enough to convince me to keep buying.

  16. My cover is tres different.  There was no molten man reveal! 

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