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  1. how bizarre is this criminal?  does he have burritos?

  2. is aunt may dead yet?

  3. This book has been really good but the 3 times a month thing is kinda making me burnt out on Spider-man

  4. @mala – he’s SO bizarre, he wears baloney for a mask and burlap sacks for shoes! He yodels when he fights! (stolen from Brian Regan because I’m watching that now).

  5. Never heard of Stern or Weeks. This book is doing a wonderful job of introducing me to creators I would have missed otherwise.

  6. @J4k3   ok now i feel old

  7. @J4K3:
    I had never heard of Stern (even though I had read his stuff before…), but Lee Weeks is a FANTASTIC artist. You’re in for a treat. (See: Captain Marvel miniseries from earlier this year)

  8. Lee Weeks finally doing some solid Spider-Man work?  I’m so there.  Roger Stern is a great writer, so hopefully he’ll be able to pull of something special and worthy of a consumer’s time.

  9. Wow, I’m actually reading Marvel comics now. That goes to show that DC needs to get their shit in gear before I drop all my DC books for Marvel books.  Well, let’s not go all that far now.

    I figured I start reading Spiderman for three reasons actually: 1: It just got rebooted so I only got to do a little bit of back issue hunting to get all the pieces together.  2: Three Bat-family books got canceled so I got plenty of room in my bag. 3: It’s bi-weekly.

    I guess everybody makes a jump over to Marvel sooner or later.  I’ve been mostly a DC-head my whole life but pastures are looking greener in other places these days.  I probably don’t even have to go into why.

  10. This issue was fun actually.  Where can I go to get back issues of Amazing Spiderman with a decent deal?  Say from when Brand New Day started until now?  I’m just getting into Marvel now and I think reading all those Spidermans is the right place to start.

    Grant Morrison got me burnt out on Batman!!  New Krypton just isn’t nothing exciting either.

  11. how does the Blank get any traction when he runs?

  12. I’m dying to read Spider-Man, but I can’t afford another three books a month. 

  13. Loved it. May was a handful and the real Peter Parker i read about as a kid showed up. Roger Stern even picked up a plot thread from the West Coast Avengers mini series. Thank you baby jesus. More Stern please. Have Bob Gale make his coffee.  

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