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  1. The preview art from Paulo Siqueira looks excellent!  Hope the story matches my excitement for the art.

  2. Great cover.  Siqueira looks like a cleaner version of Chris Bachalo

  3. It should be fun to see an Amazing Spider-man version Rashomon.

  4. @cutty

    That IS Chris Bachalo 😀

    Siqueria’s art looks sort of like Mcfarlane minus the weird anatomy and style choices.

  5. touche

  6. Cover art:  very nice.

    Inside art:  meh.  Why the hell does Negative Man look like a caucasion now?  And like two different white guys frame to frame.  The lack of consitency was disturbing.  Actually, this was the only art problem I had, iirc.

    Story has promise.  I don’t remember Overdrive at all, but probably cause I’ve only read from One More Day and on.  Cool powers I guess, but seems like a real whimp otherwise.

  7. Without looking at the credits in the beginning i was able to distinguish the different writers.  Slott and Guggenheim were very good, but once again Bob Gale was terrible.  Aside for Gale’s pages it was a decent issue. nice to see Mr. Negative again.

  8. I thought Overdrive was a cool villain and I’d like to see him some more. I like the idea of a villain who thinks spider-man is awesome. What first got me interested in the Brand New Day stuff was an interview with Dan Slott where he talked about all the new villains the boys were coming up with. I think that’s exciting. Good orignal villains.

    That said, I think they could have come up with a better story for the Rashamon gimmic. I found Guggenheim’s bit a little bland, as well as Bob Gale’s. excpet for his ending, which was pretty soild. Slott’s was the best, but it didn’t really feel like anything new or exciting or important. I would have like to see something that was worth looking at from three different characters’ perspectives. This issue and the two before it make me wonder if I should be more selectives about what issues of this I pick up.

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