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  1. This story has some nice nostalgic potential… I definitely hope it doesn’t suck.

  2. hopefully it is and is this a SI tie in issue or something else


  3. I think I’m going to sit this issue out, I haven’t been enjoying any of Gale’s.

  4. I love McKone’s art… but Bob Gale’s issues thus far have been terrible.

    I don’t know… 

  5. I’m not gonna be suckered into another bob gale issue.  that last storyarc he did was horrifying

  6. which arc did Gale do previously?

  7. Gale wrote the arc about Freak in 552-554 and he wrote a one shot about Freak’s return in 558.

  8. I liked this issue okay, but overall it was bland.  Why hasn’t SI seeped into ASM yet?  Makes no sense.

    Anyway, this book’s last page or so makes it worth it.  Could make for a very interesting next issue if the writing can get better.

  9. @thebouv – Spider-Man, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Captain America – all of those books are off in their own pocket universes of Marvel.

  10. @conor:  So I’ve noticed.

    Did anyone catch that Spiderman makes a comment in Secret Invasion (or NA, or MA, somewhere) about the "space ship" Spidey having webs in his arm pits?   Makes a joke about it which I thought was funny.

    All through Brand New Day, no web pits.  #561, no web pits.  #562?  Web pits again.

    Just sayin’. 

  11. Please get Martin back on this book I miss him so…

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