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  1. I’ve been enjoying brand new day so far though i didn’t love One More Day. This month is the one i’m most worried about however in terms of the team.

  2. I agree I think Brand New Day has been a ton of fun. It is what I remember Spider-man being like when I was a kid. I don’t really care how they got us here I am just glad that Spider-man is enjoyable once again

  3. Is it safe to say yet that "Brand New Day" has been a success?  Or is it still too soon?

  4. @racemccloud–I don’t think it is too soon, we’ve been through 6 or 7 (or more, I’m not looking it up) issues already and they have all been fantastic.  That to me is successfu.  Quesada made the right decision on this, I don’t care what anyone says.

  5. huge eyes aside, I like Jimenez’s spidey and I’m starting to find myself become disapointed on those off weeks when a new ASM dosen’t come out.

  6. @Balefuego.  Exactly what you said.  The large eyes on the Jimenez Spidey are an odd choice but I’m really loving the 3 times a month shipping schedule.  Was going through withdrawal over the weekend and re-read 549~551 – can’t remember the last time that I did that with ASM!

  7. Man im loving Brand new Day now only if I could get my teacher to read it (he is the one who turned me on to comics but he didnt like how one more day ended so never picked this up) oh well.

  8. i think this book is really great.  the 3 times a month schedule was such a good idea to keep the nay sayers quiet.  it’s a lot of fun.  

  9. @Balefuego: Same sentiment here.

    But what worries me is that it’s still called Brand New Day. That all can’t happen in one day! But maybe Mephisto’s spell also turned the normal day in a 90 hour thingy and Spidey will have to fight sleepiness pretty soon…I’m just kidding. The book is great.

  10. i’ve been enjoying BND, but this issue was a little too cheesey..but it’s gale’s first so hopefully it’ll get better..Jonah’s dig at comic books was lame, spidey ripping his costume on a nail and everyone seeing his ass, telling his neighbor he has "underwear streaks",etc…i get that he’s supposed to be down on his luck here and there, but let’s not make him a slapsticky clown.

    and doc conners REALLY has to stop creating serums!! has that guy done anything RIGHT?



  11. I have to agree with Johnny. I have really enjoyned Brand New Day. The previous issue had me literally laughing out lout. While I still enjoyned this issue, I did find it a bit cheezy.

  12. Look, I just don’t care about the soup kitchen Rogue Squadron. You guys wanna convince yourself that BND is great but the only person you’re fooling is yourselves. This is bunk: Spider-Man vs. Freak?! What happened to this being the cornerstone of the Marvel U? At this point I’d rather bang my head against the wall than read on but my subscription runs through #555, which might be the turning point thanks to a cameo from Wolverine, but I doubt it. 

  13. I’m excited about the new villians. Thus far, Menace is my favorite, but they need some new blood even if they all don’t stick. New creations are ultimately going to be more enjoyable than failed re-inventions of the classics (Anyone remember Young Vulture! Girl Doc Ock! Carnage’s Step Kids!).

  14. weakest issue of the new amazing yet.

    this was the first one that didn’t really leave me wanting to get to the next one as soon as possible. wasn’t bad, but wasn’t terribly great either. 

  15. I’m enjoying the new Amazing a great deal, even though I hate how Marvel got to this point with Spidey.  I just cant wait to see what happens between Peter and the forensics/medical examiner chick.  Obviously MJ will enter back into the picture at some point, but until then…

  16. Continuity???  Is it me or did the new Editor and cheif of the "DB" seem like an entirely different character this time around??

  17. While this wasn’t as enjoyable as the previous 2 BND arcs, it was still better than most of what I read this week.

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