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Alpha Flight continues to fight for the integrity of the country they love, but one of their own is being torn apart! The split personality of Aurora and Jean Marie grows increasingly unstable and threatens to destroy the hero, and the rest of Alpha Flight! Only Jean-Marie’s brother, Northstar, can save her… but will Jean-Paul be able to do what needs to be done to save his sister and all those he hold dear?

Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente’s lauded revival of one of Marvel’s most beloved teams continues with art by the incomparable Dale Eaglesham!

Story by Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak
Art by Dale Eaglesham
Colors by Sonia Oback
Letters by Simon Bowland
Cover by Tom Grummett, Terry Pallot & Ferran Daniel

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I love evil Canada. And, turns out, I love all these characters. Hopefully Marvel keeps them alive this time. Maybe they can’t support a monthly, but they would be fun running around, interacting with X-men and Avengers.

  2. I’m enjoying this mini-series.

  3. I love these characters, but the last issue was frickin terrible. Hopefully it gets better before it’s done.

  4. After more thought, I think what I hate about this series thus far is (apart from the asinine “gun cover”) that the characters are taking a back seat to the (absurdly laughable) plot. I love Aplha Flight for the individuals and their struggles. But many of the characters aren’t acting in character, they’re hostages to the stupidity of the next step in the plot.

  5. Gave this a 5 easily this has been a very good series artwork has been awesome and the story line has kept me intrigued and wanting more!


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