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Hex is trapped in modern-day Gotham City…and he’s getting ready to shoot his way out! Find out how he got here—and see what part Batman plays!

And in the backup story, the Vigilante seeks revenge!

Story by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Moritat & Staz Johnson
Cover by Howard Porter

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  1. I was originally upset to hear that Jonah Hex was going to be making his way into the present day. What I love amount Jonah is that he is apologetically a rough and tough Cowboy. A man who is at home in the Wild West. But I must say, The last couple issues of All Star Western have been my favorite thus far and some of my favorite in the new 52… I am sorry, should have trusted Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.

  2. I kind of fell off of this book with the relaunch of the new 52, but picked it back up to get my Booster Gold fix with this current storyline. I remember when I was a kid there was a short lived title starring Jonah called just Hex, where he was somehow thrown into the far future. I’m really loving the current time lost Hex in present day with the Arkham family. I could have done without the writer’s need to preach to the reader about his views regarding homosexuality, and I have a hard time believing that Jonah would not have had more of a problem with that. Otherwise a great book that I will continue to follow.

    • it is not always “preaching” when someone expresses an idea…

    • It seems that a certain “idea” is constantly expressed in numerous books, by numerous publishers without exploring the other side of the debate.

    • I think Hex dismissed all marriage. Given that the writer recently wed fellow comic superstar Amanda Connor I doubt that he shares the same opinion as Hex. Given the history of the character I could see how he would not endorse anyone getting married but wouldn’t care if they did.

    • @RedBaron504, “Well, I believe all marriage is wrong”. One of my favorite quotes from the Boondocks, and one I plan to refer to in the future alot.

    • I thought it had more to do with his Confederate heritage than anything. The government imposing its will on the South in his time period paralleled with the right to marry the same sex in our time.

  3. This story line has been fun, I was also a little worried about the displaced man storyline, however, I agree with SupermanP33v3. Hex’s facial expressions and the witty dialogue put any doubts I had to pasture.

  4. This was really fun. The last issue was a little shaky but this one paid off. My only complaint is the slightly unfinished look of the layouts. But, Moritat has drawn every single issue. Pretty impressive!

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