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• Gather round for a lesson in the terrible secret history of Gotham City with Jonah Hex!

• Hex and Doctor Arkham are at the forefront as a disease threatens to destroy part of the city. The patient survival rate is looking pretty grim…

• Plus: In the backup story, meet Jenny Freedom and the StormWatch of the 19th century!

Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Moritat & Staz Johnson
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Price: $3.99
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DavidClark02/27/13NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. This book will re-enter my pull list as soon as Hex leaves Gotham City for good

  2. I’m buying this solely for that Steampunk Stormwatch backup story. Jenny FREEDOM!!!

  3. This sounds like the most promising back-up so far. Up until they’ve been pretty horrible.
    And I guess I’m in the minority but I like hex in Gotham. Him and Arkham have been a fun team up.

    • I have to agree I’ve spent so many years reading about Hex roaming the west that having him in gotham is nice change of pace and Arkham is such a foil for Hex love it. I disagree I’ve enjoy most of the backups I’m really looking forward to this new one.

    • I think Barbary Ghost may have run a little too long, but I really dug Tomahawk. Due to the formatting, it really reminded me of Prince Valiant. The fact that it explored the era and area of the original Westerns, one rarely shown, made me enjoy it even more.

  4. This would have been a five star book if it didn’t have that awful Stormwatch story in the back.

  5. This was a great issue. Hope the arc keeps the same tone. Loving the narration. 4/5

  6. Great issue… also had fun with the Stormwatch issue.

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