• What will happen when the original five X-Men come face to face with their current counterparts?!

• One thing is for sure, at the end of this issue, one of the original X-Men will be forever changed!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen
Cover by Stuart Immonen

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Loving this series so far. Bendis is doing some great work.

  2. I think the story is wild (which is why I love the X-men) and the art is superb. Keep it up! I wonder how long this series will go with both of these! I’d love it if they could keep this creative team!

    • Well after this issue David Marquez (from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man) is coming on for an arc, but Immonen will be back after that. So we’re still getting some awesome art.

  3. Tied for fave team book with Future Foundation!

  4. Man this book comes out frequently…I know I’m in the minority on this but…I’d be up for reading this on a weekly basis!

  5. I really didn’t like this at first but I’m happy I stuck with it. This has gotten better with each subsequent issue. I love how they are going back and forth with modern cyclops and old school Jean in this issue. I think the Wolverine writing was corny but outside of that this worked.

  6. I can’t seem to decide if I like this or not. I love the character Beast. I hate the character Cyclops. Immonen’s art if pretty damn good, I dunno if I like Bendis’ dialogue…. I’ve picked up 3 of the 5 issues, and I dunno…

  7. this issue is excellent. i’m looking forward to Marquez art.

  8. I don’t care for the way Bendis writes Logan here. The man’s not some simpleminded bully. Wolverine would never, EVER hold a vote to kill a teenager on the front lawn of the school. Even if it did bring Chuck back. It’s almost like you can tell which characters Bendis likes best, because he writes them really well. The others, not so much. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

    Apart from that, this was another solid issue. I like the potential of having the original five at the school. I hope that spills into W&TXM. It’s a lot of talking, but that’s ok. Immonen’s work is so dynamic that it keeps this title from being anywhere close to boring. That double-page of Jean’s life was amazing.

    I called Young Hank fixing Old Hank, and I’m really glad it worked out that way. Nice touch. Except now he looks like a rejected design for a He-Man villain. My questions to all those folks who’ve bitched about Morrison and Quitely’s design for years; is this really any better? I miss the Cat Beast already.

    • I’m on the fence about the new look… I think I like it better, but I need more time to see him in action. Re. Wolverine: I just cruised right over that part when I read the book; it didn’t feel especially out of place. Logan has always struck me as a character forever struggling against his inner-beast, and the friction between he and Scott has existed since day-one. I read the scene as an attempt to show that Wolverine is transferring his feelings towards present-day Scott onto Scott from the past, I also didn’t read it as something he was seriously considering doing.

    • No, I get all that about Scott. And you’re right, Logan has resisted impaling the little bastard plenty of times. This just doesn’t seem like words he would say. Just like the disagreement with Emma’s characterization weeks ago, it wasn’t the motivation behind the actions, but the words themselves.

      There were kids on that lawn, for chrissakes. Students! His students! Logan’s never been the type to say something he didn’t mean, so why make a big show of it unless he was actually considering it? I dunno. All the “Let’s hear it guys. Trial of your peers. Fair’s fair.” just didn’t go down easy for me. In my head, I heard Bill Paxton from Aliens instead of Wolverine. Read it again like that and you’ll see why I had such a hard time with it.

    • Wolverine’s dialogue struck me as out of character as well, but I rationalized it by seeing as a taunt. I’ll re-read it again this weekend, but I kind of felt like Logan was trying to pick a fight with young Scott.

      We know Logan has strong and confused feelings when it comes to Scott, Jean and the Professor, so I can believe he’s having a hard time maintaining control right now. And I’ve felt all along that his recent turns as a leader, educator and protector of kids can’t last. Maybe what we’re seeing here are the first tics that will lead to an epic berserker rage meltdown?

  9. What Ron said POTW

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