• The Uncanny X-Men come to the Jean Grey School to recruit.

• Who will join Cyclops and his revolutionary crew? The answer will shock you!

• Mystique and Sabretooth continue to hatch their master plan and it doesn’t bode well for the All-New X-Men.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger
Cover by Stuart Immonen & Greg Horn

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  1. Wonder who’s gonna jump ship?

    • I’m thinking one of the Original Five would be the most impactful defection — maybe Jean? She didn’t seem to pleased to have Kitty call her out on the misuse of her powers. Perhaps Emma will be a more appealing mentor for her?

    • I’m gonna go with Hank, he was already about to quit the team in issue 1 & he would seem at the moment being the one that is the weakest link!

    • That’s a good point. He’s also helped get old Hank back in good shape, so he’s kind of lacking a mission at the moment. What if he goes with adult-Scott as a spy for adult-Hank? That could be cool!

      Has Bendis said anything about how long (in our real-world time) the Young Original Five are going to be hanging around? It’s starting to feel like everyone might be settling in for the long haul, you know?

    • I’ve just been re-reading some of the interviews with Bendis on All New/Uncanny & there’s nothing that gives any indication on the original fives longevity in the modern day. But yeah I do agree that everyone is getting set-up for the foreseeable future!

      But the double-spy Hank McCoy scenario could definitely work, that would throw more future plot threads to mess up with Cyclops especially with the whole Magneto/Shield double-cross as well in Uncanny. Could make Cyclops go proper nuts when everyone would seem against him?!

    • When the series was premiering Bendis made a point to say that they would be hanging around and not just a gimmick for the first arc or two.

    • I bet it is young Angel.

    • My gut says Angel too. Id REALLY REALLY like it to be Jean though. I think the dynamic on that side would be very intense, but she seems to be a character whose home is in All-New. Angel is pretty jaded at the moment and a little bit of a loose cannon. He’d fit in well. I’m most-likely wrong though. Second guess is Hank, and that’d be interesting too.

  2. This story is so great. I’d love to see Scott go over.

  3. I think out of the original 5 x-men, angel seems like the obvious choice, which I think rules him out. I don’t see Scott or Beast joining either. So that leaves Iceman and Jean Grey. I’m going with Iceman. Maybe he feels mistreated, I dunno. I’m hoping it’s iceman.

    • Jean Grey but she will be a spy for the school. It could create a possibility for romance with her and old Cyclops as well.

    • “Romance”?! I think you mis-spelled “pedophilia.” I can see why that will have to be part of any interactions between Jean and old Scott, but I’d be disappointed if Bendis pushes it too far.

      That said, I agree that Jean defecting (for whatever reason) would have the most dramatic potential. We’ve seen a young Jean Grey molded and trained by Professor Xavier… but a Jean Grey, with all of her telepathy available to her, molded and trained by Magneto and Emma Frost? That would be interesting.

    • It also makes sense if you think about Bendis when he first started New Avengers. It could be a similar dynamic that Spiderwomen had with the Avengers and Hydra albeit with many more layers. Romance isn’t really the right word but I think if he were to use Jean he almost has to explore her and Scotts relationship on some level since there is so much to unpack there and that could prove to be the most interesting part of the series.

    • @KenOchalek I want to see that Jean Grey that Magneto, Emma, and Cyclops foster. She would be BAD ASS. I think Jean wants to hear what Scott has to say. I think she knows they were married at one time too, so that would be a draw for a teenage girl…It’s just, WOW, I NEVER thought these X-Men coming back could be so magical. To think it took me 5 issues to get on board…

  4. I’m loving this series so much, I’m smiling right now just thinking about it. 🙂

    Re. jumping ship: I can’t see Angel doing it. The kid’s way out of his depth as it is; I can’t see him leaving the rest of the team (his only link to his old life) to join up with the Uncanny team. Iceman seems to be getting kind of attached to Kitty. If anyone leaves, I’m thinking either Jean, Kid-Scott, or Kid-Beast.

  5. Interesting.

    This is turning out pretty cool.

  6. This issue was great; seems like it just flew by. But damn; CLIFF-HANGERS. Talk about milking a moment!

    • No kidding. I finished the book and nearly bellowed, “BENDISSSS!” Which I meant in the nicest way possible, because it shows I’m invested in this story.

      But what’s the deal with the misleading solicitation text? Last issue’s copy claimed that the original five were getting new costumes, and this one made it sound like we were going to find out who goes with Cyclops’ crew. Sure, we saw the Cuckoos break rank, but even the characters saw that one coming.

  7. This book has been consistently great.

  8. pleasedon’tbejeanpleasedon’tbejeanpleasedon’tbejeanpleasedon’tbejean.

  9. It’s Jean.

    I don’t think Logan would react that way if it were anyone else.

    Another great issue. Really picking up speed here. In addition to being really invested in the main story, I’m really curious to see what Mystique and Sabretooth have up their sleeves.

  10. Bendis tweeted earlier that we’ll see the reveal to this cliffhanger in Uncanny X-Men next week.

    And before the “why is Marvel forcing me to buy other books!” contingent revs up, he said the reveal beat plays out in the next issue of this book too. So relax, okay?

  11. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I just read Uncanny’s #4 preview – which has the recruiting scene from the other perspective – and man… for the first time in years I am happy of being robbed by Marvel of my hard earned money.

  12. It’s gotta be Jean. She’s gonna try and be a spy and we’re gonna get some great dialogue between her and old Scott and Emma is gonna be soooooo jealous.
    Should be awesome.

  13. Good read. Like this book.

  14. I am LOVING this so much. Looking at the last few pages, the panel layouts point to Jean Grey leaving (unless it was all misdirection). I sure hope its the case because that is one red head who can get the proverbial pot boiling.

  15. I’m getting tired of the rehashed “you killed Xavier” – “not my fault, Pheonix made me do it” argument. Honestly, there is 7 pages of it here, 9 if you count 60’s Cyclops whining about it. Its was already getting old, now its turning to overkill. I understand the characters would still be arguing about it, but please, at least trim it down.

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