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  1. Another really good Fear Agent story!  But when did Huston change his name to Choi?

  2. I’ve never read Fear Agent but after hearing how great of a writer Rick Remender is I decided to start pickin this up at the beginning of his run. I enjoyed the first two issues but they felt like they were just good…then I read this issue……AND IT ROCKED!!!! This title jumped up the pace and the action more than one peg super fast and out of nowhere.

    Dying to get the Fear Agent books now!

  3. I’m definatly gonna check out his Fear Agent stuff, cause this issue was awesome. I’m really sad that its ending at issue 25 though, Remender never got a chance to really settle in. Oh well. Also check out The End League that he’s co-writing, its pretty crazy stuff.

  4. What!?!? Last issue?  Aw crap. 

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