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AIR #7

Price: $1.00
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.8%


  1. Will be testing the series out with this issue and the $10 trade of 1-5. Can’t beat a dollar comic!

  2. same here

  3. one dollar?? surely thats wrong??

  4. at rayclark, nope it’s the right price. Start of a new arc…

  5. this comic ISN’T worth one doller per issue… or the reading time

  6. Air continues to be one of the few books I look forward to every time it comes out. It’s nice to have a comic with new ideas like hyperprax, new maps, new cultures and not just rehashes of old ones. 

    I think the first arc is probably required since parts of this issue will be pretty confusing without backstory about Zayn, the feathered serpent, the hyperprax drive, and the fact that the penultimate page mirrors a page from the first issue but from a different viewpoint.

  7. @edward I have determined you hate fun! :-p

    I have to say, I’m a bit confused as to why we didn’t make #6 the $1 hop-on issue. While this was a good issue, it wasn’t as good as the previous 5. It’s also not a great jumping-on point. Without having issue 6 (My LCS was sold out of it, indeed they only had two issues of #7 on the shelf when I picked it up Wednesday) it was a big jarring. Overall though, still enjoyable.

  8. yeah dont understand the hype. i want my $1 dollar back

  9. I don’t understand why this was a $1 issue. 


    I thought, $1? they must be trying to bring new readers on board, this issue must be a good jumping on point. But, I was wrong.  Didn’t get it! Not going to spend full cover price on the next issue, or go after some back issues to figure it out.

  10. @thescimiter: at the top of the thread PraxJarvin said he was going to pick the first trade up with this issue. the trade is $10 and has five issues. i think he got some math wrong and said "Can’t beat a dollar comic" basically he was saying to first five issues cost $2 each in the trade

  11. @edward, if you’ll look at the solicit at the top of the page, the price is listed as $1. I’m loving this book every single time it comes out. It’s got a truly original voice, and I’ve been more than pleased with the art.

  12. oh! that IS a little weird than….

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