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AIR #24

In her climactic final battle with the Etesians, Blythe must use everything she’s learned to make the skies – and the people she loves – safe. She’ll either emerge as a captain and pilot or not at all. Everything’s led up to this!

Art and cover by M.K. PERKER

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. is this book coming to an end??

  2. Yes, last issue.  I kinda wish I never picked it up in the first place, it’s just mediocre.  But I will follow it out to the end.

  3. yeah dropped it around #12 may pick up the trades

  4. i enjoy this series but i dont understand why emilia is doing alive at the end of this issue, but then again ive only read the last 3 issues, def getting the trades.

  5. Ended on a whimper but this was still a unique series that got clipped before it’s time.

  6. I’ve been reading it in the trades and am definitely bummed that it’s over so earlty. The first arc was excellent and there was definitely some great potential in the middle, very Lost-esque. But, alas, it was cancelled early. And you can definitely tell that things were sped up. Still looking forward to the fourth trade, hope the ending isn’t that much of a bummer.

  7. Enjoyable read. Read the 24 issues over 3 nights, couldn’t wait to get to the next issue.  Weak toward the end, but overall a good read.  Outstanding artwork.

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