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  1. Agents of Atlas! Yay! $3.99! Boo!

  2. I don’t want to pick up two new $3.99 series in the, so sorry Atlas, I’m picking up Secret Warriors.

  3. I thnik i’ll make my final call at the store, but $3.99?  I don’t know about this…

  4. Launching this at 3.99 is like they’re wanting this book to fail. I think it’s somewhat different for Secret Warriors since y’know bendis and nick fury and people will buy it just for that. i just don’t see people picking this up for that.

  5. im on the fence right now. i will decide wed when i go to the store. but Secret Warriors is a MUST

  6. Based purely on the mini series from a year or two ago, I would say that those of you who don’t buy this are passing up good comics.

  7. Somebody sell me on this comic in 100 words or less… go!  (i secretly want, regardless of price tag, due to my fascination with gorillas in comics)

  8. Wow, I didn’t realize how much people are trying to resist the price shift. I’ve been collecting long enough that i guess i just don’t notice it anymore.

     I buy a comic if it is good. Regardless of the price. 

  9. If $3.99 is killing you, why not start buying those comics on DCBS while still getting your $2.99 stuff in the store?


  10. I have absolutely no idea what this . Should i get it? its issue1 

  11. If this turns out to be a good series, I’ll buy it in trade paperback.  But probably going to skip the single issues.

  12. I’m really kind of surprised that more people aren’t picking this one up. Yes, they are a bit of an obscure set of characters from Pre-Marvel (Atlas) comics, but the first mini was great.

    Don’t be too put off by that price tags. As with Secret Warriors it’s only #1 which is $3.99. $2.99 thereafter.

  13. Its been so poorly publicised that this is only $3.99 for the first issue, and that solicitations for #2 and #3 are at $2.99, add on to the fact that there are 21 #1’s coming out today, i’m not surprised that the uptake for this is lower than some would think it should be.


    Shame really, as Parker’s stuff is normally really good. 


  14. I picked this up on impusle and thought it was pretty good. I don’t know anything about the characters, but it looks like it’ll be fun.

  15. I read this just after reading the mini, I think it’s fantastic.  And it’s a good long issue for $3.99.  The backup is quality.  Too bad it’s launching on the same day as Secret Warriors (and the new Scott Pilgrim as well, which is the only thing anyone seems to be talking about).

  16. this was sooo soo good.

  17. At least there was bonus material in this issue, although the back up wasn’t up to the standard of the main story.  Loved the main part of the issue though, it’s got that classic adventure vibe filtered through a modern lens, a little reminiscent of books like Robinson’s Starman.  Fun stuff

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