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The Heroic Age continues in this next set of star-studded stories told in the Mighty Marvel Manner! In a special YOUNG ALLIES prelude story, Greg Willis makes the Wisconsin-to-Manhattan trek once more–but will he be leaving GRAVITY behind this time? Spider-Man encounters the new super hero in town…Norman Osborn’s AMERICAN SON?! But the man wearing the armor is the last guy Spidey expects! In the Age of Heroes, the YOUNG MASTERS must decide whose side they’re on and, with the Dark Reign lifted, THE GAUNTLET soldiers on–all the way to Afghanistan.

Written by Sean McKeever, Brian Reed, Paul Cornell and Dan Slott
Art by David Baldeon, Chad Wayne Hardin, Mark Brooks and Ty Templeton
Cover by Takeshi Miyazawa

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Issue #1 was great.

  2. I hope these are good because I can’t say that they are going to have much to do with issue 1.  

  3. Man issue one was packed with stuff I was interested in. This issue? Not so much.

  4. hey! look at all the people on the cover i can’t name! #fail

  5. Man I have really liked Cornell but that story was really lame!

  6. the gravity story was amazing

  7. slotts one pager was a little sappy but fun

  8. just a hint of meta-commentary in that Slott story perhaps?

  9. @Peter – Cornells was overhyped by iFanboy. and doesn’t really live up to that kind of hype.

  10. Gravity story was amazing. The rest of the issue not so much. Urich looks way too young.

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