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The Heroes are restored to their rightful place in this new era, and the world is safer for them. They defeated Osborn & his Siege on Asgard, now they have one last foe to face: the Mayor of New York — J. Jonah Jameson!

Also, MI13 come to the US, but one of them isn’t leaving–they are defecting to the AVENGERS?!

Plus Dr. Voodoo’s Sorcerer Supreme duties infringe on “date night” and how much trouble can Spider-Man get into in one day? The answer: A LOT!

WRITER: Kurt Busiek, Paul Cornell, Rick Remender & Dan Slott
PENCILS: Marko Djurdjevic, Leonard Kirk & Chris Samnee
COVER BY: Greg Tocchini

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. Like the writers on this book.

    Is Slott only going to be working on Amazing Spider-Man now?

  2. I don’t even know where to begin with that cover

  3. Can’t wait for a little bit more Paul Cornell writing Captain Britain.

  4. @thevilcory   yeah same here

  5. Should have put Spider-Man on the cover.  I’m only buying for the SM stories.  Couldn’t stand CB MI13 and Dr. Voodoo was meh.

  6. i wish we were back in the age of dark and depressing comics written by Alan Moore and Frank Miller

  7. i am excited for this series, especially because blue marvel is in issue thre!

  8. the cover is a bit redundant.

  9. Dammit i was on the fence about this until I saw Remender an Cornell on it. Now I’m in.

  10. I’m a little confused as to the point of this book.

  11. Ato brevoort has said it serves to tell stories about ancellary characters that don’t fit in elsewhere in the heroic age

  12. Dr, Voodoo? All right, I’m buying it.


  13. Is anyone else ONLY buying this book for the Cornell and Kirk story?

  14. @AMP That would be me XP

  15. I’ll flip through this.  They’ve almost suckered me in with the MI13 story…

  16. "Also, MI13 come to the US, but one of them isn’t leaving–they are defecting to the AVENGERS?! "

    Odds on it being Captain Britain. What with the Variant Cover featuring ONLY him, and the unlettered preview hinting strongly in that direction…?

  17. I just don’t know why he would stay. I mean he’s Captain Britain for god sakes

  18. @brassai: Just go check any other Heroic Age book and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of comments about it there, especially at Avengers.

  19. @brassai-yes, and for this particular cover I also mentioned that it’s redundant. (aware of the fault that I too, am being redundant)

  20. I am noly getting this book becaue of Busiek.

  21. This was pretty good, though I don’t like Jameson as mayor (it’s basically lex luthor when he was president) and the Voodoo story was probably better than that whole run was. The best part though was the Captain Britian stuff. Two pages and it was awesome (though the art seemed really choppy)

  22. They almost sucked me into buying this for the MI13 story. But then I leafed through the book and realized it was only 2 pages. Not for $4.

  23. To be honest… I bought it for MI13. Not really bothered about the rest. Just in finding out where that story goes…

  24. not a bad start to another cool Marvel anthology, but not too great.  all the art in this issue was great, but having two and one page stories wasn’t too fun.  why does this have to be only 22 pages?  I’m hoping it gets better.

  25. Was promised Cornell/Kirk on MI-13. Bought. Got two pages. I shouldn’t complain, I won’t complain, I loved it. All 2 pages of it. But can’t we just have a little more?

  26. @genaverse I felt the same way but i’m super interested in where that story is going so i can forgive. worth it

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