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Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul say goodbye (for now) to Superboy with a spectacular 30-page issue! Ever since Superboy returned from the grave, he has been obsessed with Lex Luthor, believing that there must be some good in the master villain somewhere. So for Luthor, it’s time to put up or shut up. With Superman off planet, it’s time to do some good for the planet earth. Superboy is willing to do what it takes to make Lex’s dreams come true, but what Superboy will discover is that one man’s dreams, are another man’s nightmares.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and covers by Francis Manapul

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 19.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. whoa, nice, didn’t expect a larger than average issue

  2. It’s sad to see this series (with this creative team) end. 

    I do have one wish though. That Johns and Manapul would work together on a Superboy/Red Robin book. After the issue (either number 3 or 4 ) where they had the duo reunite, I’ve been hoping for it. That issue was so damn good, I still go back and reread it like once a week.

    Forget a Klondike bar, What would you do for a Superboy/Red Robin on-going series by Johns and Manapul? 

  3. @supertrackmonkey – a red robbin team-up for them would be awesome!

  4. I can’t decide if this is my last issue.  Next issue appears to be another BN tie-in, so I’m iffy.  March has two issues that crossover with Superman, Supergirl, and Last Stand of New Krypton… I only want to read Supergirl, so I may end up just getting out of Superbooks all together.

    But sad to see this go.  Pre-BN tie-ins, I would always forget how good this book was, then it’d knock me on my ass.  #3 would make my top 5 issues of 2009.  #2 would probably make top 10.  Hopefully Flash will be this good,


    I’d kill a man. 

  5. 🙁

  6. Beautiful cover, bummed that this is ending.

  7. I wonder why superboy is running away from a t-rex. unless its eyes are krytonite or its really a dream like the solicit says…guess we’ll find out!!

  8. @mansuper – Good question.

  9. It’s good to see Superboy with Mor-El in Superman but it sucks as stated this series (with this creative team) ends.  

     Red Robin and Superboy together needs to happen this year even if it’s only an arc or a mini.


    Geoff Johns is awesome.

  10. I didn’t realise Superboy was going to the Savage Land.

  11. Tony Bedard is coming onboard for issue #7. He’s been doing an incredible job with REBELS. I’ll be keeping my sub to this for sure.

  12. Its a shame that this book is shifting gears once Johns left, as Ive really been enjoying his take on Superboy, but I additionally have to give the man a hand for writing an awesome Krypto. He rules!

  13. @comicbookchris Isn’t it kind of difficult to fuck up writing a dog?

  14. Apparently you have never seen Marley and Me.

  15. Or Underdog.

  16. Best race ever on ifanboy! Adventure Comics 454, Iron Man 454, Spider-Man 453!!! Who will win?

  17. @vadamowens – It’s always easy to be bad. Krypto is cool in this one. He held up the picnic basket for the date. How much cooler can you get?

  18. In a little disappionted the build up to this creative team/ series was longer than the creative team’s run ON the series

  19. i agree with vadamowens.

  20. @AmirCat – I apologize if this derails the entire conversation but i think that is probably the cutest kitten i have seen in my life….

    …as you were…

  21. Bring on more Legion.

  22. Fantastic issue. Brilliant. Beautiful art. Johns has made Conner Kent one of my top 5 favorite DC characters ever since Teen Titans. Hopefully Johns will return to the character. But this was just great. 5/5 and my POTW.

  23. I liked this, but it was no #2 or #3 by a long shot. 4/5.

  24. Okay, 5/5…

  25. Lex is pure evil. I love it!

  26. That was an awesome issue!!!

  27. I enjoyed this issue greatly.  The only flaw (in my opinion) was that Lex was TOO evil.  I can handle him when he does something "evil" at an aggregate level (a national takeover), but when he gets this personal I lose the ability to relate to him.  If I can’t understand a character, I don’t generally enjoy reading about him/her.

  28. Great issue.  

     "I told you not to bark at dinosaurs"

  29. Man, Lex is a dick!

  30. Beautiful issue. Loved it. Pick of the week.

  31. I need more Manapul Krypto in my life.

  32. I was hoping this series was going to be used as a launching point for the Legion.  It seemed that Johns really paid homage to the original series. All the elements were represented . . . how great it would have been for a new Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes to be relaunched in Adventure Comics again — with Johns writing.

  33. I was having trouble deciding between this and Spider-Man #617 for my POTW. Due to Tim Wayne appearing in this issue, I’ll have to go with this book. Both were amazing…

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