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It’s not easy being Superboy. He knows he’s destined for greatness as Superman, but how does a teenager deal with that knowledge? Not as well as you’d think…

Also: The Atom co-feature continues with Ray Palmer trying to learn who stole his shrinking technology!

Written by PAUL LEVITZ
Co-feature written by JEFF LEMIRE
Co-feature art by MAHMUD ASRAR & JOHN DELL

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I’ll be giving this another issue to be good and then dropping if it’s not, despite my interest in the Atom back story. Last few issue’s story felt unnecessary/ boring.

  2. While I have been enjoying the series so far (also love the Atom co-feature), this one felt especially weak to me.  Overall I’ve not had an issue with these random points in Legion history, but this one really felt like one with a leadup and no payoff (or one Im expected to go back 30-40 years to get that payoff).

    Also it felt kind of ridiculous to have Brainy of all people adhering to a ridiculous time schedule of exactly when they could have their visits with Superboy.  They’re time traveling for crying out loud, if there’s a pivotal 20th century moment Superboy has to be back for, he can stay as long as he wants within reason and drop him off when he’s needed.  Maybe the ridiculous scheduling is going to come out as a plot point?

    As it stands right now I just have this mental image of the Legion/30th Century having some bizarre custody battle with the Kents’/20th Century.

    Legion:  You promised we could have him weekends, holidays, and every other Time Trapper plot.

    Kents:    Don’t give me that, you had him for a whole month over summer, and besides he has his violin recital to attend and he still has to be here when Luthor goes bald and swears his revenge… oh and we need a little extra on the monthly support, he’s outgrew two of his costumes and you sent him back with his last costume in complete tatters.

  3. I am buying this book for the Atom.  It’s good enough that I’d consider picking it up on its own.

  4. I found this issue to be better than the last and I hope that’s a trend that will continue.  The Atom back-up, sorry I mean second feature is also a good reason to pick this up.   In fact, that is the main reason I am giving Jeff Lemire’s Superboy a shot.

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