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  1. "Art by Jerry Ord-", AH FUCK!!!

  2. Looks like Manapul has alrady moved on to the Flash book.

    Love Ordway.

  3. i believe ordway is doing this and 5 and Manapul is doing 6.

  4. I generally dislike Ordway’s work, but especially in comparison to someone as fresh and great as Manapul… huge drop down for me. That cover… I mean… yeesh!

  5. @skeets

    That’s correct.  I remember last issue I convinced everyone that Ordway was doing 4-6, then January solicits came out and I felt bad.  But yes, Ordway is doing 4 and 5, Manapul is coming back for 6. 

  6. Easiest way to get me NOT to buy something is to put Superboy-Prime in it.

  7. Are we sure there’s a ring with this one?

  8. Ah, the list of DC artists that will never work for Marvel makes me smile!

  9. I’m looking at the previews for this and Ordway’s pencils are looking very tight.

  10. I was hoping my first issue of Adventure Comics would feature Manapul art, but Ordway is also appealing to my gentle eyes.  I’m looking forward to this.

  11. Looking forward to this. Should be a good time.

    @edward Yes. 

    @KickAss Sigh… I don’t even had the energy to waste on a witty, cutting remark. 

  12. so how many people are reading this book and how many are just getting for the blue ring

  13. I can’t believe how excited I am for a book with Superboy-Prime on the cover.  Behold the power of Johns.

    @KickAss – How much time do you spend jumping around bashing books you aren’t buying?  What benefit do you derive from it?  I’m not trying to be a smartass.  I’m actually interested from a scientific point of view.  You could spend that time reading (Marvel books, I assume.)  I’ve never understood trolling.

  14. I thought I didn’t like Jerry Ordways art after his run on Justice Society recently but then I went and looked up some of his stuff. I do like his stuff, it has a great old school silver age vibe to it. I then went back and looked at the JSA black adam arc and I think the reason behind the art looking bad on that book was the inker. They used some heavy lines over his pencils it looks like. Here’s hoping the inker is different.

    Also silver age art will be a nice companion to a book like Adventure Comics.

  15. Whats with all the Ordway hate!? The man’s a very good storyteller and can produce more than four comics a year!

  16. @WinTheWonderboy

    I’m not familiar with Ordway, but I’m getting the feeling it’s not so much Ordway-hate as it is no-Manapul-disappointment.


    Yes, and according to my source it should be the blue one. 

  17. Interesting cover, wonder if it has any significance.

  18. I’m wondering how Superboy-Prime dies, and if it is in this issue.

  19. I like this series so far. Hopefully this isn’t weak.

  20. Wasn’t Superboy-prime last seen returned to his restored home universe, and his family all knew what he did by reading his exploits in the comics? If not, when was his next appearance after that?

  21. @IroncladMerc –  You are correct, that’s where they pick up his story. Here is the prevew – 

  22. I’m still bothered that the lead up to this book is longer than johns’ entire run on it. That’s kind of annoying. And especially now that there’s a tie in that will interrupt the ongoing story ao far…sigh!!!

  23. Another week, another DC book just for those damn rings.

    It must be the power of last week’s orange ring that compells me.

  24. jesus christ!!! this issue was fucking awful:(

  25. I miss Francis Manapul, but this issue was solid. I’m still quite the newcomer to DC, but picking up the Action Comics Legion hardcover and Legion of 3 Worlds (both by Johns) make reading Superboy Prime, Superboy and Legion a treat, rather than the confusing chore it was before.

  26. TOO META.  Not my cup of tea.

  27. Love Ordway!!! Would buy any book he was associated with!!

  28. i felt like i was looking at a comic drawn by a middle schooler.  it was vomitous at best.

  29. Yeah … what @stuclach said.

    I don’t get this comic. What are all the Black Lanterns doing on Earth Prime & how did they get there?

  30. The Legion story and art was great… the Superboy-Prime story not so much, and the art was terrible.

  31. I very much enjoyed this issue.  The level of meta in it was just fine for me.  Art was OK.  Didn’t blow me away, but didn’t hate it.  Legion backup was confusing as hell, but I think I got it.

  32. I second Stuclach. I didn’t dislike it, and while some of the meta stuff was clever, it wore a bit thin for my tastes. What I did find interesting was that this seemed to be Ordway’s best art in a while. I usually can’t stand Ordway’s art, but this was much cleaner then I am used to from his work. I think the inking was lighter. Despite the coloring, it had an almost Joe Kubert sketchy feel.

  33. You’d think they’d realize it’s a bad idea to repeatedly say that comic readers hate the main character of the book you’re reading.

    Overall this kind of reminded me of last week’s ASM; constantly flipping back and forth between clever and annoying.  I’ll have to remember to put #5 on top of my stack next time so I don’t take it so seriously and might enjoy it more (I read my books from least to most anticipated) 

  34. Alright, just finished this issue, which was the first time I’ve seen Jerry Ordway’s art, and I HONESTLY dont see why people hate him so much. His art was completely serviceable.

  35. So, does anyone know how all the Black Lanterns got to Earth Prime, or aren’t we meant to know yet?

  36. @wadewilson – All I know is my brain can’t handle Blackest Night on Inifinate Earths

  37. *Infinite (I’m an idioit)

  38. @WadeWilson – I’m not sure what would stop them from getting there.  They seem to be pretty pervasive. Hell, I saw some at my comic shop the other day. They are literally breaking the third wall.

  39. As a new comic book reader, I was loving the first 3 issues. but this crap was just aweful and confusing

  40. @Wade-I think Alex Luthor brought them over.  He has the power to travel between Earths.  At least, I think he does.  If not, I have no idea O_o

  41. This issue was fine if you knew what to expect.

    I didn’t get a ring. My store was selling them for $1 each.

    They suck.  I’m done with them. Over.

    FYI They’re in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. they suck.

  42. I feel what Johns has done with Superboy-Prime has been genius. Very good issue. But whats up with all the type-o’s?

  43. You guys are crazy if you think Ordway is a bad artist. The main story was solid, I really enjoyed the Legion story though. Henry’s art is fantastic.

  44. Ordway was firing on all cylinders with this issue.  Much better than the last time I saw him on JSA.  Maybe that book had too much going on in it for him.

  45. This was alot of fun. Can’t wait for the next issue.

  46. I too think the meta ideas in this issue were excessive.

  47. I liked the art in the legion of super heroes better. is it just me, or does it always seem like there is a lot going on in the legion stories that we are not seeing? it’s like the story keeping moving but they only put parts of it in the comic. also, sun boy is mention in the first half as dead, but mentioned in the legion story as alive. nice story over-all but it hurt my head a little.

  48. I really, really enjoyed this. Great Ordway art. Fun story. I really enjoyed the Meta-ness of it. Johns retooled Prime into being the fanboy stereotype back in Infinite Crisis, the overly meta nature of this book was its main selling point.

    @wadewilson Drake speaks the truth. Alexander Luthor can travel between worlds and can bring people with him. 

    @Hexsas THe Legion that appears in the main story are the Legion in the future of Earth-Prime. The Legion that appears in the back-up is from the future of New Earth (The DCU proper.)

  49. @ Hexsas  I found the mentioning of 2 Sun Boys in this issue a little confusing at first too. ( And I’ve read all Legion books since the early ’90s.)  The Legion of Earth-Prime is my least favorite & I wish they would just go away. 

  50. Good stuff, all around. I got a little bored with the metaness of it, but it wasn’t terrible or anything. Art was serviceable. 3/5.

  51. Hey, look at that, I didn’t hate the Ordway stuff! Past experience and the face on Prime on the cover caused me to prejudge this one, but it was okay.

  52. One word – FUN!  Looking foward to part two.

  53. I had no ideas what was going on in this book…at least I got my ring out of it!

  54. Great issue.  Loved the meta-commentary. 

  55. Very enjoyable issue; and as Superboy-Prime said, someone has to like him and I’ve always been a fan of Superboy-Prime!  Great to see him still around!  Looking forward to issue 5.

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