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Legion great Paul Levitz begins his ADVENTURE COMICS run by revisiting the Legion’s past in this special story featuring one of Superboy’s earliest adventures in the far future!

Written by PAUL LEVITZ
"DC 75th Anniversary" Variant cover by LEE BERMEJO

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  1. Man, I hope this is good. Didn’t love the 1st issue of the new LoSH series, but maybe a flashback series will be closer to Levitz’s wheelhouse.

  2. @ CaseyJustice I liked the first issue of LOSHfine, but if it’s Legion I usually love it. 

    So, is this one entire story?  I don’t want to have to read snippets of the "War"  stuff happening in the Superman books.  Anyone know?

  3. I believe this is a one and done. Next issue starts an arc that is supposed to be a ‘defining’ story in Legion history. It will go back to the original numbering. It’s also the first issue with The Atom backup by Jeff Lemire. That backup pushed me over the edge to pull this series. After reading LoSH, I’m really excited for Adventure.

  4. That cover looks awesome, and with Paul Levitz on a LoSH one shot I got to but this book.

  5. I have no history with The Legion and I loved the LoSH book from a couple weeks ago and the BnB last week. I’m excited for this one too!

  6. Ok, you guys have sold me.  (Who was I kidding, anyway)  I’m in, at least for this issue.

  7. So two questions 1 where is Mon-el 2. why does Paul Levitz get two legion books

  8. Never picked this up before, but I will for sure next month because of the Atom/Lemire.  Would it be worthwhile to go ahead and pick this one up having absolutely no knowledge of the characters?  I trust you guys.

  9. @jwaesch I jumped into legion of Super Heroes with virtually no knowledge beyond the basic ‘super heroes from the future inspired by Superman’s legacy.’ I loved that issue, but I admit I read things a little slower and read every single info box about all the characters. I would hope that this title will be even more accessible, since it is set in the ‘past,’ as opposed to building off of previous storylines like LoSH. If you don’t mind dropping 4 bucks on something different, I say go for it. I’m a Legion convert now.

  10. @cyberauron – 1 Phantom Zone 2 Paul Levitz is still pretty big at DC.  Just be glad it’s not called Legion of Super-Heroes Forever.

  11. @PozerDu  HA!

  12. This was nice.  I just love teenage Legion of Super-Heroes stories.  

  13. This was okay for me.  However, I felt like this story could have been told as an eight page backup in LOSH. I am new to the Legion, having only experienced them animated and Last Stand of New Krypton.  I assume the purpose of this issue ws to explain to Noobs like myself, how Superman can learn about stuff in the future but not have it adverlsy affected when he returns to the present. But, I really dont think it was necessary.

  14. I’m not a big fan of Clark having a career in his youth as Superboy. Having said that, I think this was a great one and done issue. I love these day in the life type stories.

  15. Speaking of Legion of Super-Heroes Forever, that read like a weak Claremont offering, right down to them all playing baseball together. At 60 pages a month,  Levitz is really writing 3 Legion books, although that page total will drop, I am guessing, once Lemire’s Atom back-up starts. I am enjoying the prime Legion book, but I am starting to think the Legion background material in Adventure is not for me.

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