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Continued from LAST STAND OF NEW KRYPTON #2! It’s Superman, Supergirl and Brainiac 5 against Brainiac as Superboy and Mon-El fight Zod, Ursa and Non!

And in the co-feature, the Human Defense Corps manages to sneak aboard Brainiac’s ship amid all the chaos – but what exactly are they up to? Continued in SUPERGIRL #52!

Co-feature art by PIER GALLO
Cover by Joe Quinones
Variant cover by Bernard Chang

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. This is the first issue of Adventure Comics that I will NOT be picking up.  I don’t read nor do I have any intent to ready Supeman, LSofNK, or Supergirl, so it’s really just pointless for me to read this book now.  I picked it up initially because I’m a diehard Legion fan.  So, now I’m just waiting for their ongoing title.

  2. I’ve been a diehard Legion fan since the 70’s and a superman fan since the 80’s, so this book is just rockin for me right now.  I’m really excited that not only will the Legion be getting their own monthly again, but Adventure has at least one up-coming story featuring a tale of their past.  Since everything from the 5 years later and on seem to have been ret-conned Adventure could be used to show their adventures after Crisis on Infinite Earths till now since that seems to be the cut off from the last time Superman saw them.  Anyways, I’m stoked and can’t wait.

  3. This book is a waste of 4 dollars

  4. So is this issue only two stories instead of the three in the previous two issues?

  5. Last Stand has been simple fun so far, but I find I have zero attachment to this new incarnation of Adventure. I will stick around for issue #11, but despite owning 10 issues they really have only that one chance to grab me, as this comic has no identity to date.

  6. im droping this after last stand

  7. The art on the first part was terrible and a good chunk of the story feels like we’re running in place. The second story was interesting and good but at the end felt really unecassary. I look foreward to dropping this when the Legion stuff starts

  8. According to the solicits, Adventure #11 goes back to the two story format, while #12 is a single story issue by Paul Levitz, leading into his new Legion book (I think). 

    Having said that, this issue and last issue were disappointing, I was checking the solicits because I was thinking of dropping. I’m going to hold on for a couple more months, but this one’s on the edge. 

  9. Yeah I think I dropping this one finally. I really liked the first 7 issues but I don’t enjoy reading it anymore.

  10. this is the hand off between johns and levtiz. but its still good.

  11. For what it is worth, this was the best of the LSoNK Adventure tie-ins. It read like the next chapter rather than as an ad for the series. I enjoyed it, but if you are not reading LSoNK do not pick it up.

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