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  1. Very pleased with this story so far, but I kinda wish they’d put all of it out before Secret Invasion was over.


  2. After issue #2 I dropped this series from my pull list at my local comic shop, but on Wednesday I found myself deciding to buy it anyway.  I thought that the first two issues were poorly written and the art was not to my taste, but I can at least give Greviuox this much credit – I appear to be committed to seeing this through just to find out how it all ends (I guess I have more money than sense).  Issue #3 held my attention in the same fashion as a car crash on my morning commute.  I wasn’t entertained, maybe I was even a bit horrified, but I couldn’t look away.  I won’t bother to get into my numerous problems with this story (they’re the same as reflected in my reviews of #1 and #2); suffice to say it won’t be winning any Eisners.  However, this issue was better than last, so that has to count for something…..

    Also, as Diabhol aludes to above, this story ties into Tony Stark and SHIELD and as we already know their fate it makes the eventual outcome of this story pretty obvious.  Not that I couldn’t see it coming anyway.

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