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  1. I just downloaded the first issue of this after hearing the Ifanboy don’t miss about it.

    The first issue was a three-star book, it was fun, and all the pieces where there in the right order, but nothing stood out to make it special. It was a perfectly good ‘pilot’, introduced the concept and characters, but I’m looking for more this issue if I’m gonna stick with the series.

    *fingers crossed*

  2. I want to love this, but the lack of characterization two issues in is killing my interest fast.
    Issue #3 could be my last.

  3. This could have been so much better with its premise but the issues so far have left me feeling meh. I agree with the lack of characterisation – they’re just randoms with no hint of personality at all. I could forgive this if it was big on story, but it’s not. It’s get_job// do_job// …the_end?// I can’t think of one reason to be excited by #3. There’s a small chance I’ll pick up the next issue if I’m feeling generous but it’ll likely be my last unless something interesting happens.

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