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The mastermind behind “Reign of Doomsday” begins the final phase of his plan to destroy Superman and all mankind!

Steel, Supergirl, Superboy and the heroes of Earth unite to try to stop the devastation, while Superman undertakes a dangerous journey in a desperate attempt to save the day!

Variant cover by DENYS COWAN

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  1. In for a penny, in for a pound. Let’s get this over with already. :/

    Two more to go, maybe it can end on a high note. 

  2. I have really enjoyed Rocafort’s unique art on a Superman book but the story has not interested me much at all. 

  3. I will miss Paul Cornell’s Action comics

  4. I feel bad for Cornell. You know he didn’t want to write this crap. Should have stuck with Lex until the reboot.

  5. @MacAoidh  I know what you mean. Hope this picks up but i dont think it will.

  6. Ditto.

    I’m getting these last issues to finish the run.

    Sad end …

  7. I hope there is another villan besides Doomsday.Is Doomsday still a boring villan or did DC improve him into being better like Lex Luthor?

  8. I’m preety saddend that Rocafort didnt do the art for this.  I was super excited for the post Luthor Action run with Cornell and Rocafort, and I don’t even think Kenneth has done one whole issue.  I really hope he’s just been working on Red Hood, because he’s the only reason I’m getting that book.

  9. Yeah, I agree that they should’ve kept with Lex until the reboot. This has been a bit painful.

  10. Only one issue left. Too bad Action has to go out with such a weak story.

  11. Dropped. This book, sadly, has stunk since about half way through issue 900. I’ll be back with September’s new number 1.

  12. I ate some pickled eggs earlier, made me really sick. my bathroom still smells terrible, but that smell is roses compared to this reign of the doomsdays ark.  Who ever came up with this storyline needs to be banished to writing archie comics for the rest of his life.

  13. I only started with Action 900…and have not been even slightly impressed until now.  This issue was fairly interesting for me…fairly.  I’m hoping the rebooted Action will be much better.

  14. Great issue. Can’t wait to see what the eradicator will do with the doomsday body. 5 stars!!!

  15. @dogprod  totally. rocafort is currently my favorite artist. its been frustrating that he hasn’t done much in action. wouldn’t be picking up red hood without him.

    i personally still really enjoy this. worth the money, nice. not amazing, but nice.

  16. Good

    just sayin’


  17.  I did read this, and actually enjoyed the most of all the Doomsday issues so far, even without the Rocafort art.  So i say big win…

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