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  1. what are your throughts kids? still good? I think it’s lost a little steam

  2. I really hate Nightwing and Flamebird.

  3. have to agree

  4. I’m still in.

  5. not about hating nightwing and flamebird i mean the book losing steam

  6. Personally, I love Nightwing and Flamebird.  So I’m definitely still in.

  7. I haven’t cared for this book, but I love Supergirl. Sterling Gates’ name on the cover is enough for me to hand over my $4.

  8. I love Nightwing and Flamebird also. Still good.

  9. I do really like the characters, but it has lost steam. I blame the crossovers.

  10. It’s a lost a little bit of steam, but I’m still looking forward to it. Reaction FTW!

  11. In the Captain Atom back-up, is the Soldier woman Natasha Irons?

  12. i get the feeling this title is always a little rushed. The final product never seems well polished

  13. The inclusion if pere perez adds something special. Rucka always seems to have a hard time synching up with an artist.

  14. I like it but I prefer the Mon-El stories in Superman.  What I want to see come out of this is a collection of the classic Clark and Jimmy Olsen  Flamebird and Nightwing stories by Curt Swan.  Those were ALWAYS a fave of mine as a kid.  I’m not sure how many stories there were though and if there are even enough to fill a decent collection.  But if they put something together I’m buying it!!!

  15. @Hawkboy According to DC’s website, they’re coming out with a collection of those stories next week.

    I thought this was pretty good. I’m glad we’re seeing Captain Atom finally beginning to connect with the rest of the Superman world. Things are getting interestinger.

  16. @rustypanys SWEEEEETTTT!!!  How did I miss this????  Thank you!

  17. As god as my witness I have no idea how I got Rustypanys out of Rustyautoparts.

  18. @Hawkboy Don’t worry, butchering my name seems to be a running theme around here.

  19. I liked this issue. Probably the strongest issue of Action in a while. And the back-up was solid as well. 4/5 for me. Leagues better than last week’s WoNK.

  20. this wasn’t good

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