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  1. Should be interesting. Nice to see some cross-breeding here. Also we know from the end of Codename Patriot that it seems Captain Atom’s back-up feature seems to be important to the overall Supes line.

  2. As much as I’ve been liking the Superman line lately, Codename: Patriot, as a crossover, just fell a little flat. The story itself was fine, but the plotting was just kind of off.

  3. this is hardly holding my attention anymore.

  4. I agree with you on Codename: Patriot, I enjoyed the first 3 parts but the 4th wasn’t so great. I don’t think I’ll be picking up the Supergirl half of this one.

  5. I’m starting to think twice about getting this. I’m really trying to shave off a few books, the $3.99 ones especially.

  6. Definitely not picking up the Supergirl side of this. Both the main and co-features were pretty average.

  7. Does anyone think they had to make Dick Grayson have some kind of name change or this whole new Nightwing would confuse everyone in solicits?

  8. The main story was decent but I like the Captain Atom co-feature. Looking forward to seeing how it ties in.

  9. I enjoyed this, giving it a 4/5, better than I had expected going into it, interested to see where it goes. It’s cool that Gates and Rucka are cowriting it. Also, the Captain Atom back-up is getting interesting, 


    @summersleep There are 3 Flashes and 5 Earth Green Lanterns, I don’t think having two Nightwings would have been that big of a deal. However, that said, I do imagine this is why Tim Drake is Red Robin and not Nightwing.

  10. I am still loving how consistent the Superman line is.

  11. Having Supergirl and Captain Atom in this book is a good idea, because I couldn’t care less about the leads.

  12. This issue was really, really good. I didn’t expect the codename patriot fallout to kick in so soon.

    Pere Perez is a great artist.

  13. my store owner sneaked this into my stack… it’s terrible

  14. In the Cap Atom co-feature was the woman soldier Natasha Irons?

  15. @win I’m rather certain it is. I’m of the opinion that Atom crash landed on the Magic planet Lane is holed up on.

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