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  1. Yay!!! Gary Frank!!!

  2. Gary Frank. This guy’s Superman is now etched into my mind’s eye whenever I visualize Superman. Can’t wait to see his take on Brainiac.

  3. I cannot wait for this to start. Geoff Johns has made me a Superman reader.

  4. Nothing about the story? From

    "Superstar artist Gary Frank returns as the new world of Superman for 2008 and beyond begins in Part 1 of "Brainiac"! Decades ago, Krypton went to war with Brainiac, a cold and callous alien obsessed with the control of knowledge. Superman believes he’s faced Brainiac before, but he’s about to learn the truth behind his close encounters as he heads down the road to his greatest triumph…and greatest tragedy."

    Sounds good to me!

  5. Oops … there it is. Retcon my last post out of continuity.

    I’m lookin’ forward to this issue. 🙂


  6. Superstar artist?  I’ve never heard of the guy before his run on this book.  His version of Superman leaves a lot to be desired in my eyes… I’ve always thought Supes is the one comic that did not benefit from this style of art.

  7. @JD:

    Man, I don’t even know what to say about your post, I can only guess maybe  you’re being sarcastic.  Gary Frank is absolutely a superstar artist, that you haven’t heard of him is basically the equivalent of a baseball fan saying "Ken Griffey who, now?"  He’s been around for ,I bet, 15+ years, and has been doing amazing work that whole time.

  8. Gary Frank’s Superman is hands down one of the best takes on Superman I have ever seen.  I’ll be buying it just for that alone. 

  9. Loved this comic.  I’m still very new to DC so this is my first experience with Brainiac; really looking forward to seeing what Johns does with him

  10. i’ve never read any Action Comics but have been hearing good things…  i was waiting for a new arc and some positive reviews…  i just found a preview on DC’s website and it looks great…  i’m definitely picking this up… 


  11. Man, I’m really excited for where this arc is going. The last page – super cool.

  12. This had to be the best rendition of Superman I had ever seen (next to Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come version). Frank’s superman look and felt like Christopher Reeve in a costume and had a very human feel to him. It was little details like his cape covering his emblem after he fell from the braniac attack.

  13. Perfect.  This is the superman I always wanted to read.  Unbelievable.

  14. WOW!

    I’ve come to expect good things from this book … but, WOW! This issue was incredible. I wish this book was bi-monthly like every other DC book seems to be these days. I don’t wanna wait a month for part two!!

  15. There’s a bunch of DC books that I’d twice a month, and most of them are written by Geoff Johns. That makes me think Geoff Johns is the creator I would most like to clone.

  16. @NealAppeal you get the tissue sample i’ll warm up the vats we’ll soon have a johns clone.

     This issue was awesome and i love G Franks art. His art on incredible hulk during WWH was the only reason i hung around on that title

  17. I actually enjoyed this issue very much.  If I went back in time and tell myself "No Superman can do more then die."  I would tell myself he was a bloody liar.  I think if Johns or Frank leave this book I won’t be heisitant to drop it.

  18. I read Action Comics #866 and I’m IN like flynn. My LCS has quite a few back issues handy. Because #866 denotes the start of a new "arc", what is the most recent arc?

    Would it be like 860-865 ?


  19. Gray Frank does the best Superman. Really made me think of thecast from the orginal movies. Clark looks like Chrisotpher Reeves and Louis looks like Louis. LOVED IT 

  20. This was absolutely brilliant from beginning to end!  This should be the next movie!!!!!

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