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A group of warriors from space come to Earth in search of their new king—and they’ve set their sites on Superman to lead them!

Story by Scott Lobdell
Art by Tyler Kirkham
Colors by Arif Prianto
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by Tyler Kirkham & Barbara Ciardo

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 2.7
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  1. I can’t believe that with the amount of time that they knew that Grant Morrison had a finite run planned for Action, that just 4 issues later we’re on second-ish creative team. That’s just sad. I realize that Morrison’s run was very polarizing and didn’t stick the landing the way his Batman run has been, but whatever chance they had to hold on to some of that momentum has been lost.

    I guess the best thing now is to hope they are working diligently behind the scenes while Lobdell tells his tale and they can try again in three or four months time.

    It’s a shame, is all I’m saying.

  2. I’ll be back for Action Comics when Greg Pak takes over. I tried a couple of Scott Lobdell issues of Superman and was pretty unimpressed.

  3. This is one of the single worst issues of any of the new 52 books out there. This was appalling in every way and I hate myself for paying for it.

    • WOW! That sounds bad.

      And look how few pulls it has and how low a rating it is getting.

      I’m hitting my LCS tomorrow, but will carefully page through this issue before deciding to buy it.

      This should be one of DC’s top books in all regards – sales, talent, stories, etc.

  4. I thought that the stories in Action Comics were going to be during the five year gap between Action and Superman. But it seems that this story takes place after the most recent issue of Superman. Was he first arc of Action Comics the only story that was supposed to be set in the past?

  5. A tip for writers: your new villains suck and no one wants to read about them. And didn’t the Green Lantern movie prove that no one likes Hector Hammond?

    • i actually feel that new writer should make at least a few new villains before they are allowed to write classic heavy weights like lex or joker and etc…

    • what’s wrong with new villians? better than seeing the same guy villian over and over and over!

    • I like Hector Hammond – he’s crazy bad ass looking.

      But the Hector Hammond from the GL film was completely unlikable – they just made him into a creep and it was uncomfortable.

    • @BCDX97:

      Agreed. H.H has been the best he has ever been in the past 4 or 5 years, Before that he was easy to write off,and in the GL film he was just … yuck.

  6. Well, it certainly wasn’t as terrible as i was led to believe it would be, but it wasn’t a very strong outing, either.


    • honestly the art was so bad for me that i could not look away. hope it’s better because the story doesn’t seem bad.

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