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• The Man of Steel vs. the worst foe the multiverse has ever seen: Superdoom, a demon Superman from an alternate universe!

• With the Little Man’s true identity revealed, learn more about his plan and why he hates Superman so much.

• And in the backup story, a spotlight on a key moment from Superman’s climactic battle with the Anti-Superman Army!

Story by Grant Morrison & Sholly Fisch
Art by Brad Walker, Rags Morales, Andrew Hennessy, & Mark Propst
Colors by Brad Anderson
Letters by Steve Wands
Cover by Rags Morales & Brad Anderson

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ManofTomorrow01/22/13YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Anti-Superman Army? I’ve heard of this before, but really look forward to seeing it in the back up!

  2. Is this Morrison’s last issue?

  3. Haroo! The sequel to one of the series’ best issues!

  4. I’m so ready for this to be over. It hasn’t bothered me enough to drop it, but this run did not deliver for me. It’s started off with a lot of promise, but as a whole it’s been forgettable. And that might be the first time I’ve ever said that about a Morrison comic. It’s also probably the worst thing you could say about a Morrison comic. This, to me, felt like someone DOING Morrison. It had all the right ingredients, but none of the panache.

  5. I was totally confused!

  6. Confusing and poorly writtten main story. I did enjoy the backup, however.

  7. I am still enjoying this run. I can’t wait for the ending. Slowly but surely GM is letting us all see what the big picture. art 4 ( eventhough there were 3 artists ) story 4.

  8. This was not good.

  9. I am really having a hard time keeping track of what the heck is going on in this book.

  10. I’m all for intricate and demanding storytelling but this was just a bowl of cold slop.

  11. man, what a lack of love for this series. seems like so few understand. i’m starting to wonder if i have some form of high fuctioning autism or perhaps a superpower that allows me to see things that some can’t. perhaps i should have been a physicist. 😀

    • I understand it fine. I just don’t like it.

      In my opinion, the classic “you just don’t get Morrison” argument doesn’t work here. I’m usually a big fan of that argument, and I believe you and I have shared that viewpoint in the past, but that’s not what’s happening here. I’ve done the usual legwork of retreading it with every new issue, and it still doesn’t work for me in this case. This run had great potential, and I think if Morrison had spent five or six years on Superman like he did with Batman, this approach would’ve been just as compelling as it has been with Batman/B&R/Inc. For whatever reasons (be it editorial, creative decisions, or boredom), it feels like Morrison didn’t get enough time on the stage this time around. An imagination like Morrison’s cannot be contained. It needs room to breathe. All the usual big ideas are there in Action, just not the time to execute them. A dog needs room to run, and this dog lost the strength in its legs pretty quickly (and other such metaphors).

      I’m consistently one of the most vocal supporters of Grant Morrison ’round these parts. You know this. I’m a founding member of the school for “Readitagainandyoullgetit”, but you can understand something perfectly well and still not care for it. Even when it comes to The Mad Scotsman.

    • i do not necessarily disagree you on any of your points(especially Morrison not dedicating enough time to the book. i could go for another couple of years on this title. sad to see it go).
      i was directly referencing the above and past posts from people who cite confusion first and foremost when reflecting on their feelings concerning this title.
      also, i seem to be in the minority of people who genuinely enjoy this title, thus my handicap or superpower. 😀

      i understand that everyone who doesn’t like this or Morrison in general are not ineludibly imbeciles, despite however likely it may be. 😛
      present company excluded, of course. 😉

    • Ye I agree with Wheelhands. It’s not that I don’t get it, it’s Morrison’s execution that hasn’t quite been there. This issue moved around so much, I honestly felt there were gaps in the narrative.

      It’s like he had this grand scheme and had an “oh shit” moment and realised he was running out of time. You can see it in the dialogue and the transition between panels. It makes it very difficult to really engage with the story in my opinion.

    • I’m only speaking for the past issues here, but doesn’t this run ACTUALLY jump around quite a bit? Like the Mars stuff was future, the Krypton stuff was past, the Superman “team” (sorry, I’m not deep on my superman lingo) and the anti-superman army were future, and the “little man” is outside of time right? Last issue put it all together, and maybe this one takes if all back apart and I’m talking out my ass right now, but its got that Golden Age single issue theme going with the overarching weird subplot. I really like it, and I don’t normally like Superman. I wouldn’t say its my favorite Morrison story, but its been good.

  12. This issue was awesome! I have no idea what people are talking about when they say its bad writing. Yes its confusing because its different “days and years” happening at once, and there is 2 settings, that come together at the end, but it all makes perfect sense. The art and action in this story was great too. The art especially has come around these past few months. I can understand not liking it, but its by no means poorly executed. If someone has read all the issues and paid attention it all fits very well and in my opinion has been VERY good. I like it more and more every issue as the story comes together.

  13. I love Superman comics with a difference, and this is what we are getting in Action Comics, awesome cover,the inside art was nice, I can’t stop looking at this issue and marveling over the story, some crazy shit if you ask me.

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