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  1. Excited for this! My favorite Moore story.

  2. Want it. But don’t want to drop 100 bucks on it. 

  3. @SteenAr I think it’s actually $74.99. 

  4. I got it for $62.99 on Amazon.

  5. I’m in Canada. I’ll pay 20% off US price with no taxes at the shop. Don’t mind paying a little more to support the shop owner. Plus, I get to pick out the most mint copy.

  6. @conor Yeah, I saw that price only after a ordered mine. On the plus side, though, I was only paying store credit because I sold some comics last month and they would have dinged me for shipping otherwise… so it’s about even with that you paid.

  7. I’d really like to read a review on this book before dropping $75 on it.

    It’s says it is recolored, but DC has claimed this on many books in the past & only the Watchmen Absolute was recolored – and what a great job was done with that indeed.

    If V Absolute is recolored I will pick it up for sure.

    Someone please review it. Thx. 

  8. @Postman87 With a few exceptions because they were painted or colored over the original pencils, a majority of the Absolute Sandman stories are recolored. As was Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths. 

  9. The Absolute Sandman stuff looks great. I had a few of the old trades and compared them, it’s a huge difference. 

    Would definitely like to see a review on this, this story was meant for oversized.  

  10. @PraxJarvin – Yeah, Sandman was done well too – but DC has claimed other re-releases of V for Vendetta in Trade and HC over the last couple years have all been recolored – to which I’ve viewed and compared with my copy of V in tpb from 1999, and there are absolutely no differences, that I can see anyhow.

    I’m curious what the reviews will say. 

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