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Hendrix, Cobain, Joplin, Morrison. All belong to the ’27 Club,’ which admits only the most brilliant musicians and artists…and kills them dead in their 27th year. Will Garland is a famous rock guitarist, secretly unable to play for months due to a neurological disorder afflicting his left hand. He’s also 27! With mad scientists, long dead rock legends and cosmic entities in his way, can he make it to 28?


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  1. Hopefully my store gets this and in enough quantity for me to grab one.

  2. Had my shop order it right after the Don’t Miss podcast.

  3. Premise sounds interesting.

  4. Read this already and it’s good stuff. Grab a copy if you can.

  5. I’ve been interested in this book since I saw the ad in Morning Glories. Hopefully my LCS gets its books this week and I can pick this up

  6. i hope to grab a copy, and hell if i dont like it i can try to flip it on ebay!

  7. Comics were made for stories like this. Hope it’s good!

  8. This looks like it’s going to be hard to get.

  9. i read a few preview pages and it has the sinister undercurrent feel like morning glories.  the artwork looks okay as well…reminds me of a poor man’s Rob Guillory.

  10. I was moderately interested in this but I just got a notice from my comic store that they are already sold out. NOW I MUST HAVE IT!!

  11. If I see this, I’ll be buying it in issues.  If I miss it at my LCS I’ll definitely check it out in trade.

  12. Was at my local shop 15 minutes after opening, and this was already sold out.

    Another reason why I can’t wait for the digital revolution – I’m tired of having retailers and distributors continue to fail to predict demand so pathetically.

  13. @andrew, i know how you feel.  You must be obsessive compulsive too.  The publishers should take advantage of that and make deliberately small print runs.  imagine what a mess that would create. The speculators could then prop up the front end of the industry while it precipitates the rest of us switch to trades and digital. 

  14. i just heard this is a bigger, “magazine” size comic. 

  15. It is a larger book, no adds and thicker paper. The book is also fantastic, hopefully there will be a re-repint

  16. Comic shop pulled it for me despite the sold out notice, which was a nice surprise. I dug this a lot as a set up issue and am excited to see where this goes!

  17. This is awesome, very original, and I have no idea where this is going.

  18. Many of us in oir LCS are holding our breaths for the reprints.

  19. secured my copy.  damn good book! 

  20. let us not forget that brain jones of the rolling stones was the first 27’er and the most decadent

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