No one can stop Colossus! The Juggernaut has become Kuurth, Breaker of Stone, one of the Worthy. Now more powerful than ever, one of the X-Men’s greatest enemies rampages through San Francisco. To stop him, Colossus makes a deal with the demon lord Cytorrak—the being that imbued Juggernaut with his power. Can this deal be one Colossus can back out of at the fight’s end? Prepare for the clash of two unstoppable forces!

Part 4 (of 4).

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land & Jay Leisten
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Cover by Greg Land & Justin Ponsor

Price: $3.99
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  1. I must say, all bashing aside, this has been the best Greg Land art of his run. I think with all the action he has less opportunity for stiff porn faced people. Been made to really draw some more, which he is not that bad at. I hope Peter has to deal with being an avatar of Cytorrak for a while, struggle with it and being an X-man at the same time. I do not want him to have to go walk the Earth like Cain (Marko).

    • Yeah, I’m no fan of Land’s work, but his art on this arc has been pretty solid.

      And from those Regenesis teasers….Juggalosus will be with us for a little while at least.

  2. Gillen is killin’ it right now. Uncanny x-force is still my favorite book. But RIGHT behind is JIM and the other Uncanny book! Plus i’m anxious to see how coluggernausus works out!

  3. Psyched for this!!Land art be damned I’m getting it , looks to be a great character upgrade and ‘ol Petey needs to kick ass and let loose!

  4. Dig the cover. I hope they keep Pete as the Juggernaut for awhile.

  5. Collosanaut smash! That cover is wicked.

  6. This was pretty great. Colluggernausus is gonna be a super fun ride!

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