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100 BULLETS #89

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  1. I love this book, but from the looks of it many don’t. 

    I was thinking earlier that it would be pretty hard to cancel 100 bullets from about 70 on when they’ve already said it was going to last 100 issues.  But usually the business people don’t care that much about stopping a story that isn’t making money.  So is this selling well?  Or does Vertigo just do a good job of taking care of its creators?

  2. The book still has some loyal fans (of which I’m one) and I think that it’s escaped cancellation because it still sells above the 10K mark. Hopefully this arc will tie up most of the loose ends.

  3. I also think this book sells really strongly in the trade format.  I know tons of people that read it that way.

  4. This is my favorite book and the book that got me back into comics on a regular basis. I’m confident Azzarello (& Risso) can bring this to a satifying conclusion, but, I have to admit being more mystified than blown away in some of the more recent issues. In other words, I have no idea where this is headed which is probably a really good thing.

    Any other fans of "100 Bullets" reading "Loveless"? I’ve bought and read every issue, but talk about a real head scratcher. I’m about to re-read it again just to try and figure it all out. I know something’s going on there, just not WHAT is going on.  

  5. @ Doctor13 – I read Loveless up until issue 22.  That book didn’t make any sense.  I think I liked the first few issues, but I’m not sure because it was just horrible for about a year.  The only reason I stuck with it was because I like 100 Bullets so much.


  6. Personally, I’m reading now out of inertia.  I’ve gotten this far, and I’m invested enough in most of these characters that I’m curious as to what is going to happen next to them, but I’m really glad it’s winding down.  I think I would have to drop it if there was no end in sight, but I’m totally looking forward to the day when I can sit down with all 100 issues and read them front to back, which will hopefully make the whole thing gel for me.

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