2005 Year End All Media Round Up Podcast – Part 2

We know how patient you’ve been, so without further ado, here is Part 2 of the extra special extended edition of the podcast for your enjoyment.

We here at iFanboy read a lot of comics, but we also take in a lot of other media. We thought that it might be fun to do a special podcast to chat about the best stuff we saw, read, watched, or played in the year that was. We discuss the best movies, TV shows, comics, and video games that made their way into our world in 2005.

Miss Part One? Don’t have an aneurism, it’s right here!

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Hosts: Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, & Ron Richards

Running Time: 35:26

“The New Year”
Death Cab For Cutie


  1. This year was a catch up year for me.
    I finally saw Firefly this year and loved it so much I watched it and Serenity twice. Then I bought both and read the comics.
    I’m still catching up on Six Feet Under, I’m in the middle of watching downloaded episodes of Season 5. Entertainment Weekly and stupid ass friends all gave away the ending.
    As someone without cable or internet access at home, I generally find that I have to play catch up using netflix. I’m in the middle of the third season of the Sopranos. Phil Hendrie (talk radio) gave away the stuff about Adriana La Cerva. Everyone gives away everything.
    I also rented Undeclared this year, which was fuckin fantastic. Next up is season one of Lost, then Freaks and Geeks and maybe somewhere in there I’ll watch Arrested Development.
    Last year I got GTA: San Andreas for christmas and really, that’s all I played this year. It never ceases to amaze me.
    I still try to watch Everwood as much as I can.

  2. I watched FIREFLY when it was first on TV and I liked it quite a bit. Mostly, I think I liked the juxtaposition of the sci-fi and western elements. I actually only saw a few of the episodes because it was on Fridays and I am a man about town.

    I would think that it’s impossible to avoid spoilers on a show that has as much cultural traction as THE SOPRANOS. Especially here in NYC, where they run episode reactions on page 3 of the Daily News the day after a new episode airs. I have only seen the first three seasons (from borrowing Ron’s DVDs), but I feel like I’ve seen the whole show.

    UNDECLARED was awesome.

  3. I just got the Undeclared set, I can’t wait to sit down and watch all the extras.

    I hate it when stuff gets spoiled, especially when you’re catching up or watching after the fact, but then again, just cause its spoiled doesn’t ruin the trip to see what happens..

  4. I am not sure I am qualified enough to comment on 2005 TV since UK TV is WAAAAAY behind US TV. HOWEVER,

    Season One of Lost finale is TONIGHT… so I was a little scared when you were talking about it incase of any spoilers. But I was safe.

    Loved your podcast. I always want to sit and chat about TV but none of my friends are as excited about TV as me… so this is nice.

    My Name is Earl just started here this week. I missed it but I will watch the rerun at the weekend. Sadly, I do not have ‘Tivo’ or Sky Plus as we have over here 🙁

    24 is (and will be for a long time) my favourite TV show. Series 5 starts at the beginning of February and I literally CANNOT wait. I am even excited about hearing the little trailers for it that they run when they do the 24 phone ring during advert breaks as a tease.

    So 24 was THE tv show of 2005 for me. Nothing else even comes close.

    Lost – I do love it but it has not been the same ‘oh my god i’ll be sick if I don’t see it’ feeling that I get about other stuff. Saying that, I have seen every episode of the series. Like Josh said on the podcast, you can only go so long without any answers.(I hope it was Josh and not Ron… i get confused.. sorry if that is insulting to either of you.) I have spent a lot of time getting really annoying with Lost. There are too many unanswered questions and each week it just adds more confusion/twists. So I am hoping that at least some of my questions will be answered in the finale tonight. Otherwise they might lose me as a viewer for season 2. (controversial or what!)

    Rome – i watched the first couple of episodes but gave up. My flatmate is a massive fan of all things Roman Empire and even she was not that impressed by this. Thought it looked very impresssive… but it just didn’t hold my attention very well. (That may say more about me than the tv show though!)

    That’s all folks. My other fav TV shows are all British and it’s unlikely that you have seen them/care to hear about them.

    Loved the podcast and the outtakes! Roll on 2006 🙂

  5. I know I’m a fan of British TV…most of it is better than ours – The Office, Extras etc…

  6. ROME took a few episodes to really start to get good. It was around episode four or five. I was lucky in that I had missed it in the beginning and was able to catch up during a marathon of the first three episodes that HBO did and then the fourth episode two days after that, so seeing them all in a row helped.

    I love LOST. I really like the mystery and I’m into all that, but to me it’s all about the people and their personal stories. That’s what got me hooked. And I have a feeling that that’s what it’s really all about in the end. I love that show. Then again, I’m trained on TWIN PEAKS, my all-time favorite show, so I’m fine with the dangling clues and revelations.

    I wonder if EARL and its humor is too US-centric. It might be. It might be.

  7. Another word about LOST:

    “There are too many unanswered questions and each week it just adds more confusion/twists. So I am hoping that at least some of my questions will be answered in the finale tonight. Otherwise they might lose me as a viewer for season 2. (controversial or what!)”

    Finales are not the places for answers. So if that’s your criteria, you probably won’t be watching next season. The finale is the place for the big cliff-hangers, the big eset-ups that get you to tune in again next year. Answers then come in the beginning of the next season, followed by more questions which set up the season-ending cliff-hangers and the cycle begins again.

    That’s how it works in theory.

  8. Another great podcast.

    ROME was easily my favorite show of the year. It definitely started out slow, but built to a genuinely moving and satisfying conclusion. I would love to see a second season that focusus on Antony and Cleopatra, but it looks like that won’t happen.

    One show that hasn’t been mentioned that I thought was really excellent last year is THE OFFICE. Yep, the bastardized American version. I love the original like few other shows, but the American version has really found its footing. I didn’t want to admit it, and I resisted it for a while, but it’s actually a very funny and poignant show, and gets better with each episode.

  9. Crap, crap, crap! I so need to catch up!

  10. I am a Browncoat and thats just from watching the movie. I want the series but I have to wait on that.

  11. OK I take it all back…..

    The finale of LOST was last night and I can’t stop thinking about it. And despite what I said yesterday, I will be tuning in next season. (which very excitingly is on our screens in March apparantly!)

    I did find it all a little predictable though. The general feeling at work today (since the wholeoffice watched it last night) is that most people were slightly disappointed by the ending. Not intrigued. But I won’t go into that too much incase of spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watch it (if that’s even possible). FAR too many flashbacks in the last episode and not enough action.

    As for what Conor said about the ‘theory’ of finales…. if this is the case, then it’s probably why I like 24 so much. At least the fundamentals are all wrapped up (baddie has been caught/killed, Jack saves the day again!) by the end of the season…. but they always leave a little somethin’ to make sure you watch next season.

  12. Oh man, I don’t even want to think about the state of mind and speculation that went around from the finale of Lost until the premiere this past September.

    It really is a catch 22, because you watch these shows and love the cliffhangers, but after a few days, weeks, months, it can get maddening, unless you can achieve a zen like “go with the flow” attitude, it almost can make watching the show far too stressful. At least that’s what I’ve witnessed among my co-workers.

    24, which I love, provides a source of stress for 4 months that is absolutely unprecedented, and yet I tune in every week….

    it’s so bad, its good.

    Oh and don’t worry/complain about your lack of action in the LOST finale, the premiere and the episode after it makes it pay off.

  13. And last night’s episode and apparently next week too!

  14. to go back to DWT’s comment – I have the Firefly dvds on order with Netflix and as soon as I can get my hands on a Serenity DVD, I’ll be checking it out – So many people who’s opinions I trust have recommended it

  15. how long did u guys have to wait between season 1 and 2?

  16. Laura – The TV season ends in mid-May and starts again in September.

    Ron – I liked FIREFLY, but I’m not sure if you will. I dont know… Some people just don’t like Joss Whedon’s style.

  17. I have nothing against Whedon at all
    I was a casual Buffy fan and overall, I’ve enjoyed Astonishing X-Men…

  18. I know it might sound stupid, and it’s been going on for awhile now, but the new Battlestar Galactica is really something special.

    Better than Firefly for sure. And I really liked Firefly.


  19. I got disc 1 of season 1 of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA off Netflix and watched the first two episodes – “33” and “Water”. I liked it a lot, on just about every level. But I was also confused as all hell on just about every level. So I am going to have to rent the mini-series to get a better handle on things.

  20. The mini series comes before the first couple episodes, so it makes sense that you were confused. You might miss out on some of the surprises in the mini, but watch it before you go any further.

    I feel exactly the same way as Nick did about Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. I don’t like that Whedon style, but when Firefly was over, I found myself wanting to watch more. But BG=good.

  21. I WAS mighty confused. I didn’t even realize that these people weren’t from Earth until I read the mini-series plot summary on Netflix.