Your Corporate Synergy at Work: Marvel Comics to Create CASTLE OGN Written by Bendis & DeConnick

Sometimes corporate synergy pays off in unexpected ways. When Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment, it created not only an avenue for Marvel Comics characters to come to life via movies and television, but also for characters from Disney's movies and television shows to show up in Marvel comics.

Case in point: Marvel Comics has announced that writers Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick, along with artist Lan Medina, will be producing an original graphic novel inspired by the ABC television series Castle starring Nathan Fillion: Castle: Richard Castle's Deadly Storm.

The graphic novel gets a little bit of exposure on the season finale of Castle, called "Knockout", which airs tonight on ABC when Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) reveals the cover.

“It’s exciting to bring the Derrick Storm novels to life for the first time ever” said Axel Alonso, Marvel Entertainment Editor in Chief. “Whether you’re new to the world of ‘Castle’ or a long time fan, there’s something for everyone in Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm–and it’s the kind of book that reaffirms Marvel’s commitment to creating new fans of comic books.”

It's good to see Marvel trying new and different types of comic books to try to reach new and different kinds of readers. I hope this works and that we'll see more attempts by Marvel Comics to reach people outside of the usual Wednesday crowd.

Castle: Richard Castle's Deadly Storm hits stores September 28, 2011.


  1. Awesome. Can’t wait. I’ll be buying a few copies of this as gifts as well I imagine.

  2. Castle is a fantastic show, one that my wife and I can sit down and watch and actually both enjoy.  I normally wouldn’t give much effort into checking out a comic based on a movie or television show property, but Bendis writing it does give me hope!

  3. How is Osborn?

    I liked Rescue quite a bit but I find DeConnick’s writing has a lot of girl power vibe to it-

    Which at times- ehh

  4. I’m buying this for my mom.

    Also, Castle has come a long way. I remember watching the first episode and thinking “this is fun…probably gonna get canceled” now we are getting comics with top talent involved!
    And if this is succesful maybe we will get more stuff based on abc shows. I would read JIMMY KIMMEL ADVENTURES!

  5. Extreme Home Makeover ongoing!

  6. Big fan of castle, so I will be happily picking this up.

  7. I want a American Idol ongoing with Greg Land drawing it. 

    Yeah, he should just draw that forever.  

  8. Avatar photo Kelly (@annaluna) says:

    the nikki heat tie-in novel was absoutely terrible. i’m glad they’ve got some actual writing talent for this.

    Can’t wait to watch my mom’s anti-comic/illiustration bias war against her love of all things castle. 🙂 

  9. glad they didn’t do a comic of the show itself, it always bugs me when real people are drawn in comics

  10. Castle is amazing, so can’t wait for this. Reading the second Nikki Heat book now. It is one of the most poorly written things I have ever seen, which makes it enjoyable in its’ own way.

  11. This means the Courgar Town mini can’t be far off!

  12. If there ever was a OGN that could get my father into comics, this would be it. He LOVES Castle. Too bad he doesn’t speak English well enough to read it.

  13. I don’t watch Castle but it’s Bendis…

  14. Castle is one of the best shows on TV at the moment – and I’m not just saying that as a huge Firefly etc fan. It features a fantastic cast, great writing (usually) and more nuanced characters than typical for mysteries/procedurals. Glad to see this type of tie-in support.

  15. it’s funny, I saw this on Amazon over the weekend and wondered what it was (the TV show did occur to me). I even considered e-mailing iFanboy about it.

  16. why?

  17. @edward  Why? Because around 10 million people in the U.S. watch Castle each week.

  18. That is amazing.

  19. As I see, not a good sign.  Disney marketing decides to sell ABC TV shows by using Marvel’s talent to produce mom comics.  If this thing sells, Disney will continue to throw money at writers like Bendis to churn out more.  WB will follow suit with DC.  We are a a short time away from GLEE comics.

  20. @ericmci   Osborne was outstanding!  Great story, made me a Kelly Sue fan. Some great new characters were intoduced and the art was fantastic. I definetly recommend checking it out in trade.

  21. no. i mean, why are people so stupid?

  22. This makes me feel funny in my Bikini Area.

  23. @edward – Well, that’s not nice. Certainly those who don’t watch the show have made some poor life decisions, on this we can agree. But to call them stupid? Perhaps a bit much.

    That said, I understand your outrage, but the good folks who have yet to experience this wonderful program are not, themselves, to blame. It is merely a lack of exposure, and I think that we, as true fans, can work to bring us all together.

    That’s what you were going for, right?

  24. A “Modern Family” comic drawn by Frank Cho or the Dodsons.  And you thought Sofia Vergara couldn’t look any better…

  25. Bendis+DeConnick = worth a look.  But oh! That title! Ick with a Capital “I”.

    And remember, please do not feed the trolls.