‘Young Justice’ – S02E19 – “Summit”

Young Justice_Summit

Enjoy it while you can, next week is the final episode!

Here’s how “Summit” is described:

The Light calls a summit to decide the final fate of Aqualad, the team…and the entire planet Earth!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Man, just one left. Were will i get my Miss Martian fix now?

  2. where will i get my superboy that-i-don’t-hate fix now?

    • Lol!

    • Well there’s always Superboy Prime. I know, I know, when he was introduced he was the most annoying character a comic has ever invented, and could be used in writing courses as an example of how NOT to write a story.

      BUT you have to admit, there was something truly awesome when 10 years later, DC took the biggest Mary-Sue character ever invented, and proceeded to use his Mary-Sue-ness to make him the most powerful villain in the galaxy (and still keeping him the epitome of a Mary-Sue character: e.g. the Green Lantern Corp surrounds him n a solid block of kryptonite? Oh, but this Mary-Sue of a Superboy Prime came from a universe where Krypton never exploded, so HE isn’t affected by Kryptonite:-)).


      And oh, by making him a Mary-Sue character he (originally the audience surrogate, hence the atrocious Mary Sue writing in his original run in Crisis on Infinite Earths), he’s stronger than the Superman from EITHER universe, and after killing most of the Green Lanterns AND holding his own in a 2 on 1 fight against the Supermen from both universes, they accidentally fly through a red sun and get depowered. And then he literally beats the golden age Superman to death using his bare de-powered hands (with no miraculous resurrections for once).

      It also featured the best moment of ALL the flashes – best ever rejoinder to anyone who dismisses the Flash as a non-big-hitter because he can just run fast. The idea of all the various flashes teaming up to grab Superboy Prime and use their dimension hop ability to start bouncing him rapidfire to alternate dimensions so he couldn’t do anything was awesome (and well-referenced in the later Prime story where he gets free from the Green Lantern’s red sun prison and travels to the future only to run into Impulse – and then flees the battle whimpering about how torturous it was the first time the combined flashes did it to him:-)

      Okay, okay, he’s still an annoying character. But it really was a good way of turning the worst possible Mary-Sue into an okay character. Let him keep all his Mary-Sue deus ex machinas and ‘perfect at everything’ bad-writing abilities, but make him a villain – and it doesn’t matter how dangerous Darkseid, Khan (from Star Trek), the Smoke Monster from Lost or even the fricken Devil from Supernatural is – there’s no more dangerous villain than an evil Mary Sue:-)

      They also eventually did a decent job of humanising him when he gets back to his own dimension (where the DC heroes and their exploits are fictional comics – aka the ‘real’ universe) and realises that everyone, including his family, has read about everything he’s done since he left, including his massacre of the Green Lantern Corp and murdering fhe golden age (and hence most popular in that dimension) Superman. He ends up going from 2-dimensional Mary Sue (first as an irritating hero, then as an awesome ‘evil but still 2-dimensinoal Mary Sue’ villain’, to a guy who half still wants revenge, but also realises he screwed up somewhere, and is agonisingly trying to pinpoint the exact moment where he made the wrong decision as a youth that led him to become a monster instead of the heroes he grew up reading about in comics – completely isolated and universally hated, now that his family and former friends know what he’s done.

      I’m assuming they’ve decided to retire the character though. Not only is there literally nowhere else for him to go (he’s been an annoying Mary-Sue hero, an unstoppable Mary-Sue villain, a pathetic villain who despite being immortal (again – he has his Mary-Sue immunity to kryptonite) is too traumatised to take on Impulse even though it required all the Flashes from all the dimensions and time periods to keep him dimension-bouncing in Infinite Crisis, and then finally becomes a tormented youth again who is too scared to use his powers in case that was the mistake the sent him down the path of becoming a monster (it’s strongly implied that he knows he’s too mentally messed up to actually come back from it and be a hero again – it’s either villainy or solitude).

      2nd reason why I’m sure they’re retiring him is the mysterious message he gets from his dimension’s version of DC comics (who are clearly insinuated to be some sort of interdimensional mystical force with some ability to influence the events of other dimensions – a 4th wall breaker, yes, but in the context of the comics they’re clearly not quite the ‘real world’ DC. They send him a letter apologising for ‘what they’ve done to him’ and that they were wrong and ‘promise that they’ll leave him alone from now on’.

      Personally, if you take it as a whole (rather than just the original appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths), I’d call that a non-annoying Superboy (prime):-)

  3. Where can I get some Lagoon Boy love now?

  4. Great episode, YJ was the better show again this week IMO. So many great character moments, I missed seeing Ubu at his master’s side. He even sounded the same from his appreance in “Batman:TAS”.

    • The amount of characters Young Justice was able to pull in from the comics was impressive. It rivals JLU.

    • They kept it relatively modern too; Kalder-Ohm, Jaime Reyes, Arsenal, Impulse, Red Arrow were all characters that I doubt would’ve appeared on “JLU” because they seemed to be too recent (in most cases, Kalder wasn’t thought of yet), and Bruce Timm and company seemed to prefer the classic characters.

  5. I loved for this episode if for no other reason than we got to see Nightwing use his escrima sticks. It’s nice to see the entire team back together and I love the way this episode unfolded. This was the first time I felt like the show was beginning to wrap up, sadly.

    I think it’s safe to say that we ALL missed you, Wally.

  6. for the love of grayskull. my DVR didn’t record it. so angry!

    • Mine either!!! WTF!? Mine even recorded it last year when it changed to Young Justice:Invasion and other peoples didnt record it. Anyone know a good website to watch these online?

    • Cartoon Network usually repeats the episode the next day on Sunday at the same time.

  7. This show has built and become way better as time went along. I love how Kaldar was able totally disable The Reach and The Light’s plans in one stroke. I feel sorry for his father Manta because it was more than obvious he loved his son and to feel that betrayal would be really hard to take. I love how Young Justice members just kept showing up among the enemy showing themselves every bit the tactical planners Savage is.

    I am so sorry this show is ending, but it looks like they will at least wrap it up nicely. I am hoping Black Beetle is totally humiliated on so many levels.

  8. I slowed down the video during the credits as I happened to notice that they have “….created by” credits and was reading those, and when I happened to see the list of voice talent credits for this cartoon, I suspect I understand why these are so expensive and prone to being cancelled. There are a ton of different characters and it seems like ALL of them have different actors. That’s got to be expensive. It’s not like a Batman cartoon where you have 3-4 voices and 1-2 that you can re-use a lot.

  9. I glad it looks like the show will have a proper ending. Its awesome that the entire series was pretty much one story line, told over almost 50 episodes. This is definitely my favorite cartoon from start to finish. Hopefully the final episode will have the League team up with The Team in one last epic battle.

  10. Fantastic episode! Sad to see it leave next weekend…

  11. Great stuff…going to miss it!

  12. This was one of the best episodes. I loved how everyone kicked ass in the end. I’m over Cartoon Network, they only allow great shows to last 1-2 years and then cancel them. I’ll buy the series on DVD.

  13. Wow, love it when we get the episode where they pop all the balloons. I think I gasped when Ra’s pulled off Artemis’ necklace! (It also made me suddenly hungry for a Ra’s/Zatanna clash.) Also, I am mildly addicted to the deep clicking noise Black Beetle makes when he speaks. Am gonna miss that… and almost everything else about this show.

  14. Good episode. As good as the Timmverse Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Will miss this show.

    Liked Kaldur’s use of the hologram recording to rip apart the plans of both the Reach and the Light. Although I kept waiting for him to turn to Jabba the Hutt and offer 2 Droids as a gift.

  15. it sucks that one excellent show gets cancel. this episode was awesome