‘Young Justice’ – S02E16 – “Complications”

Young Justice_Complications

With only about a month left in the life of the show I’d like to see it start to head towards wrapping up the story (assuming the producers got a chance to do so). Maybe we start today.

Here’s how “Complications” is described:

Black Manta gives Miss Martian 24 hours to live, but that may be more time than Aqualad has, with Sportsmaster and Cheshire on the hunt for his head!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. This is the 1st animated show I’ve watched regularly in quite some time. I really hope they keep the adult JL involved in the new Teen Titans Go, and the unusual,cameos of other DCU characters, but I think we’ve seen a bit too much of Black Manta, Sportsmaster & Chesire & why do we have to have words like go & Now in our titles, Teen Titans would’ve sufficed or teen titans adventures. Beware of the Batman sounds cool though or Batman Beware, whatever its called.

    • Sorry to disappoint, but the last TT cartoon didn’t feature the JL at all, the only adult heroes who showed up were the Doom Patrol. “Teen Titans Go!” was the title of a comic a few years ago that was sort of like “Teen Titans Year One”, it wasn’t like the cartoon or regular comics (I don’t think, I didn’t actually read it), but like a modern version of the titans meeting up for the first time. You were right the first time; it’s called “Beware the Batman”. The only thing that appeals to me so far is that they want to use newer and less used villains (Anarky, Prof. Pyg,etc).

  2. I could’ve watched an entire episode of Nightwing being a detective. The last 20 seconds of him sitting alone in his bunker, putting two and two together, was very Batman-esque.

    • Agreed, but then he was trained by the best! I wonder how Blue Beetle and Green Beetle faked the boom tube particles on War World tho? Was that in the last episode at the end or something?

    • I’m guessing that they faked it sometime between this and last weeks episodes. My question is where did they get the tech to fake a boom tube. That doesn’t seem like something the New Gods would let be so easily stolen.

    • Or Apokolips. Then again it could be tech from one of the other planets’ invaded by the Reach. Didn’t the Krolotians have something similar to boom tubes, and weren’t they working for the Reach also? It’s also possible that Green Beetle had a can of Boom particle spray or something.

    • The Krolotians use Zeta technology for transportation, the same tech that the JL uses. No, they weren’t working for the Reach. They referred to the Reach as their competitors.

    • Right, I remembered that the Keolatians used the same thing as the JL but I was wondering if Zeta Beams are similar to Boom Tubes (I don’t know if anyone’s ever stated otherwise in the comics). So if the Krolotians were competing with the Reach, are they done for now or are they coming back to Earth to give it one more go before the Reach take over? I know YJ already went out in space to take down their base, but I think they said something about “That still leaves all the ones stuck on Earth now”.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The Nightwing detective stuff was great. I figured they would get around to that eventually. Especially the way Blue was being so apologetic. Seemed like he was trying to sell it too much and Nightwing seem to buy it all too easily. Really glad they did get back to that. Because of course he would be the one to figure out something was wrong. I just hope the producers had time to wrap this up before it ends…

  3. Nice save for Aqualad and Artemis. Got Ms. Martian away safe and maintained his cover. I also love Chesire in this episode. Loves her sister but can’t really admit it.

    Sportsmaster, man watta dush. Unfortunately I have run into way too many fathers like that, usually involved with CPS. They still wonder why the kids disrespect them.

    I am still mourning the announced cancellation. This is a show that offers something for the kids and enough interesting narrative for the adults.

  4. I was impressed with Sportsmaster holding his own against Deathstroke and Black Manta. Chesire always has the best one-liners. The show has been great, I will miss it when Cartoon Network cancels it.

  5. I appreciate the above screen-cap, Miss Martian holding out five fingers for the five remaining episodes 🙂 :.(

    This series does such a great job of taking throwaway characters from the comics and making them into much cooler, well-rounded characters. Before “Young Justice,” I never gave a crap about the Sportsmaster or even the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle. Now that’s all changed. Another random bit of praise? I love Cheshire’s mask! I know it was created for the “Teen Titans” cartoon (I think) but I’ve really been digging how it’s drawn/used here in “Young Justice.”

  6. Nightwing is PIIIIIISSED.

  7. Man, I hope this all pays off. This whole season, while great, has been a series of crushing defeats as the Reach and the Light outwit our heroes at every turn. Can’t wait until the tables turn!

  8. This show is great but I have one fanboyish complaint:

    Stop making awesome villains like Deathstroke and Black Manta job to Sportsmaster. It’s like Casey Jones beating Shedder, eff that!! Arrrrrgh!!